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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

WISH LIST- Summer Shoes

With summer right around the corner and beautiful weather already here (at least in New York City) this weeks WISH LIST had to focus on the obvious: Summer Shoes. Assuming you got your pedicures together (i'm about to get on mine!) check out my top five list of shoes I plan on keeping in heavy rotation this summer.

Number 5:

I love these flats because they can take you from day to night, and jeans to dress without missing a beat. Get these for $225 at Urban Outfitters.

Number 4:

Sam Edleman is the name when it comes to classic ballet flats, and these snake skin t-strap versions are a modern take on his timeless staple. Love them! They are $135 at Bloomingdales.

Number 3:

Beautiful color, super comfortable, and easy to fold away once you are ready to put on some pumps. What more do you want? Get these for $78 at Banana Republic.

Number 2:

Because sometimes you just want to freakum! And both these shoes do just that. The gold for when you want to be sexy and trashtastic the black for when you want to be subtle and appealing. The gold ones are by Steven by Steve Madden, $99.95. The black by Stella McCartney for $565.

Number 1:

Comfort and color are key, and these blingy silver flats have both in spades. Best of all, they are by one of the few designers I follow - Stella McCartney. Get them for $495 at Nordstroms.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Coming Soon...

"Is anybody checking for this!?" That's what my little sister, Zeba, had the nerve to ask me, when I said I am going to let my readers know that I am coming back. The answer is probably nobody. But that's for now. I am working with Tara Ortiz ( to revamp my blog and plan on dedicating some real time to it soon. So look out! Bye BLAYNISTAS!
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