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Thursday, May 31, 2007


now i know these won't be a crowd pleaser. 78% of you probably won't like it, so for the other 22%, please tune in.

what: marni patent leather mules
why: because the shiny black patent is sexy, edgy, and so modern. clearly the average woman, myself included, can't walk in this. but it's fun to watch.
co$t: $675


momma is moving to london this october for my masters in fashion so i feel this post. the yma fashion scholarship fund and the geoffrey beene foundation have banded together for a five year project that will totally benefit students who are studying for careers in fashion or fashion-related fields. over the next five years, the late designers namesake foundation will contribute $2 million. an award called the geoffrey beene national scholarship, will be given to four students each year, starting this year. they will be given annually to students at affiliated colleges. find out if yours is one

a vintage, undared photograph of the late geoffrey beene.


tokyo does it again. the new new york, where all the haute retailers are migrating to, has another one over nyc: tiffany's new mens boutique. when the legendary jeweller decided to open this store they chose tokyo. they made th e announcement two days ago that it will open this september. it is officially called tiffany & co the men's store. it is store-in-store that will sell mens jewellry from equally legendary designers like paloma picasso, elsa peretti, and frank gehry.

location.location.location: the exterior of one of tiffany's at another prime location - rodeo drive


in new york city circles, tinsley mortimer is famous for being fab. the blond beauty (met her in person several times. loves her!) is now the new u.s. beauty ambassador for dior. what does a beauty ambassador do? i haven't a clue. but according to fashion news daily, she will be a consultant for the brand and host select events, as well as help them launch products.

being tinsley mortimer can land you some pretty haute gigs.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


so remember how much i was raving about issey miyake fragrance a few days back? i figured i'd featured my favorite fragrance of his on today's beauty fix.....

what: l'eau d'issey miyake by issey miyake
why: day, night, for yourself, or for a fab event this fragrance is it! i love how light and clean it smells and it has hints of rose water, lotus and freesia.
co$t: $48 for a 0.9 oz eau de parfum


when we talk about the fierce outfit a celebrity is wearing - we are really talking about the fierce ensemble their stylist put together.stylists, who are really the invisible stars in the fashion world are finally getting their due in a brand new book: Stylists: The Creation of Style, published by Rizzoli Books. it's a 200 plus page book and spotlights legendary stylists like andrea lieberman, joe zee and carine roitfeld. want more? the forward is by anna wintour. it's $75 and comes out in october.

alex white styled this fierce look on kate moss


i mean...sorta don't know what to think of this. but here is what pop singer kylie minogue said during a dolce+gabanna party in cannes. it was printed in the daily mirror: "I've got a great black girl's butt, kinda like Beyoncé and J Lo...You'll never hear me wishing I had a smaller butt. The bigger the better."

justin grabs a hold of kylie minogue


finally! it looks like all you nyc nordstromnista's might finally be able to walk into a nordstroms, without having to drive to the nearest state. according to wwd, the seattle based retailer has hired the madison retail group to help them pick some possible sites for a store in new york. sidebar: am i the only one shocked that a store that dates back to 1901 waited for over 100 years to make moves to the retail capital of the country?

john w. nordstrom who started nordstroms with $13,00 he made during the gold rush. (

DIOR'S 60th ANNIVERSARY SHOW WILL BE FIT FOR ROYALTY naturally it will have to take place in a palace. and which palace is more fab than the versailles in paris? according to fashion week daily, that is where christian dior's designer, john galliano is thinking of holding the 60th anniversary celebration for dior. galliano has used this before, 8 years ago for his "matrix" collection. this should be fierce. the event takes place july 8th. think we could score an invite?

galliano. giving it!


a model dolls up for the life ball aids charity event

lance bass and alan cummings. no words.

designer, estaban cortazar and socialite tinsley mortimer giving good face.

travis raines, and richie rich of heatherette flank two fab men i don't know and sharon stone in an interesting looking halter dress.

no. we really wish we were there. in case you didn't know how super fab the fashion world can be, check this out: the life ball, europe's largest charity which is targeted at aids awareness, held it's 15th anniversary ball in vienna this weekend. this was no ordinary dinner, drinks, and donations event blaynistas. this was full on, celeb studded, non-stop partying which began before guests even arrived. after a pre-party in new york city last week, celeb guests took a private chartered plan to vienna. yeah, vienna, where the party continued. heatherettes richie rich and travis rains, mya, tinsley mortimer, mario testino, patrick mcmullen. want more? sharon stone, omyrah, sharon stone, and then some were all there for this charity event to beat all charity events - and parties for that matter.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


of course, my legendary fashion fix column had to get a spinoff! so welcome to beauty fix: same concept, different products. and the first beauty fix goes to....bigelows "my favorite lip balm" lip balm....

t-t-t-tasty-tasty! you'll love this! trust me! (

what: my favorite lip balm (that's the actual name) by bigelows
where: or Bath and Body Works Stores Nationwide
why: because you want- scratch that - need kissable and soft lips that shine,and pop and will taste really good. (i mean that in a purely non-raunchy way ofcourse!) but seriously, i can't say enough about this lip gloss. i own it in spearmint. it gives amazing shine and conditions your lips beautifully.
co$t: $5.50 to $9 (varies based on where you buy)


but it's not all about the riches. the supermodel with a super conscience (and a super business sense) just signed on to be the face of roberto coin, an italian jewelry designer. i'm sure she's getting a pretty penny for this project, but in true christy fashion, her alterior motives are far beyond that. a percentage of the proceeds made from sales of the jewelry goes to youthaids. in a statement she said, "i have always tried to collaborate with brands who are effecting change on a larger scaled, and I believe that roberto coin and youthaids are doing just that. i'm proud to support that."

as always, turlington is stunning even in a basic tank. (wwd)


heads up ladies, fellas, bustas, hustlas (is that how the lyrics go?) i digress. the new "it bag" of next season just might be gucci's "indy bag," inspired by raceway driving. gucci has already enlisted famed photogs mert atlas and marcus piggot to shoot the ad campaign which is all about this bag. the bag is cute, but the details make it look too much like the balenciaga bag for me to get super excited. the design doesn't look all that fresh, new and vibrant to me. but let's wait to see more. we will have that chance in august when the ads debut in womens magazines world wide.

a still from gucci's new ad campaign. (


i mean, would you!? it seems like since dropping (or being dropped by, who knows) victoria's secret, gisele has announced more deals than donald trump. the latest? well, she will now, along with irish actor jamie dornan, be featured in aquascutum's fall ad campaign. (don't worry if you've never heard of this line. i haven't either. they must be that exclusive.) the theme of this sultry ad campaign is "a weekend of stolen moments, intrigue and trysts," says Aquascutum president, Kim Winser to WWD. the photographs were taken by mario sorrenti at a stately mansion in britain. the mansion used to be the family home of the astors. enough said. i have a preview below, but look to see the full thing in the august issue of l'uomo vogue and in the september issues of tatler, british vogue and harper's bazaar.

gisele in the new campaign for aquascutum (the name is a bit awkward, no?)


so this is definitely not haute, but it's damn sure hot! have yall heard about the drama with doc martens? (technically, dr martens.) the shoe company loved by all college students (and wierdly enough folks post college) has fired their advertising firm, saatchi and saatchi. (sidebar:saatchi and saatchi is one of the flyest, most sophisticated ad firms out there.) in the latest ad campaign they designed for dr martens, the firm included photos of dead rocker, kurt cobain, which set off a storm of bad publicity. well, even if dr martens (i assuming this) approved the ads before they went out, somebody still has to pay for this. dayum.

a classic from dr martens: steel toed boots (


so the telenovela that is the house of rudolph valentino is still going strong! the last time we blogged about this, permira, a private equity fund, had made a winning bid for the company and acquired 29.6% stake in the company ( i t only needed 24% to gain control of the group.) well, they say if you give an inch....and now permira, according to media reports, is said to trying to grab more stake in the company. according to wgsn, "the fund has extended until june 1 it's exclusivity deal with shareholders who are part of the marzotto family." first, isn't the corporate fashion world SO gangsta!? second, is exclusivity really a word!? i'm gagging!

a look from valentino's spring 2007 show. (


yep. you know them from lil kim's rap lyrics. and if you are a classy kind of gal/guy you actually know them for their fine jewelry and premium fragrances. the company has enjoyed so much success in both categories that they are now branching out into: beauty! i guess it's not really much of a surprise, but is it necessary!? according to their profit margins, yes! in perfumes alone bvlgari saw an increase in their profits of 47% in a three years span. they are hoping they'll see the same rapid growth in their anti-age beauty products which will be created with extracts from precious stones. and to make sure of it, they've set some pretty high price points: we are talking $140 to $460 roughly.

a previous ad campaign for the brand. i love it. (


...well, sort of. the iconic faberge brand, which is famous for (what else!?) faberge eggs, is taking a brand new direction. under new owners, Unilever, they are positioning themselves to become a "diamond an luxury goods group," accordingto what does this mean? i am really hard pressed to tell you or even imagine (how do bejeweled egg-shaped things translate into "luxury group"?). but, in an interview with reuters, an exec for the compny said they have hired pros from the luxury segment to "re-establish Faberge as the leading name in luxury goods." okay...

a blingy faberge egg

Monday, May 28, 2007


loose, flowy and super comfortable. tunics are just the best on a warm day. and on a busy one such as this, you can just throw one on, run your errands, get your feet done and arrive at the bbq looking fab. my family and i are throwing an african brunch for my closest friends this weekend (pics to follow). this would have been fab to wear.

neon dot print tunic dress
why: because this is perfect over bare skin, cropped tights or slim cut jeans. the versatility alone makes this a best seller!
co$t: about $70


love hewitt showing off her famous twins. hopefully they will help her succeed in her new venture.

i am thinking not. and here is why: the best celebrity clothing lines are designed or fronted by stars whose fashion sense precedes them(think gwen stefani, jennifer lopez,and sarah jessica parker.) they are often people whose outfits we obsessed over, styles we copied, and flair we wish we had. and trust me blaynista, jennifer love hewitt is definitely not one of them. nevertheless, hewitt has already started on her line, the timeless collection, which will include accessories and beauty products. she recently stone america licensing llc as her exclusive licensing agent.


daddy yankee is making fashion history.

that's what reebok is hoping. that's why they've signed daddy yankee, the super-famous puerto rican rapper. he will be the face of their custom sneakers label, which allows customers to create personalized sneakers. daddy yankee told wgsn, "it's the first time in history that reebok has used a celeb ro promote their custom snekers and I feel very blessed that they picked a real latino." verdad.


talk about major power moves. with the runaway success of her fragrance, lovely, sarah jessica parker is once again capitalizing on her sex &the city fame with a new clothing line: bitten. (you can see some looks below.) so far, so fashionable. all the pieces look very in season, fresh and fun. but what makes it really stand out from similar pieces you can find at other stores? every single item is $19.99 and under. it will be retailed at steve and barry's, a chain which specializes in cheap clothes by rich people (i.e. their starbury line designed by stephan marbury.) there are 400 looks in this line, which ranges from size 2 to 22 and also includes accessories. from price points to style i love every single thing about this line and i plan to personally be there at sjp's signing in june, reporting live from the scene. stay tuned.


unless you are a runway model, you are very familiar with this problem: jeans that fit at the thighs, gap at the waist and leave you looking anything but fit and sexy in your denims. levi's thinks it has a solution for this age-old problem: their new curvy boot cut jean that launches in june. this denim will have a lower rise in the front, higher rise in the back and more room at the hips. let's hope this works, but if it doesn't you can go to any low brow retail store (joyce leslie, forever 21, gloria's, or debs) and pick up a pair of those infamous, cheap, stretch jeans. they fit like butter and hug your body better than your boyfriend.

a rear view of levi's new curvy jean


it's not just about the simply vera by vera wang collection. kohl's has two other high profile label launches coming out this june. daisy fuentes, a clothing line by by ex-model and mtv veejay daisy fuentes, is one; and moments, a lingerie line is the other. the moments line will feature bras, panties, thongs, and camisoles for everything from romantic nights to active days. the line even features little rompers for baby's, under a sister line called first moments.

a baby romper, part of kohl's moments collection


wow. marks & spencer, the fabulous british department store i(and millions of other travelers love) for inexpensive quality goods (think organic chocolate truffles, premium teas, and warm wool sweaters) is introducing a new clothing line to it's already large stable. it will be called exclusive, part of their established high end womens wear line called autograph. according to helen low, a womens wear designer for marks + spencer, these clothes are for those shoppers who want to "be able to buy something their friends haven't got when they get back to their hometowns." is that debt? because that's the only thing i can think of when i see the price points: clothing ranges from $200 to $1400 USD, and shoes from $100 to $250.

i love this look from autograph, available at marks & spencer online. the new high-end line, exclusive, is based on autograph.

Friday, May 25, 2007


was that funny? not really? well, i was hoping the laughter would help mask your tears once i make this tragic announcement: in honor of memorial day weekend, no blayreports will be posted from friday through sunday. i will be back with all the news that's fashionable to print on monday. there will be lots of juice. till then blayettes. xo,zb

Thursday, May 24, 2007


forget the fierce pumps and strappy sandals - this is a louboutin shoe i would live in. as i've said many times before,flats allow you all the comfort you need to run errands and walk around the city. buying a bright, metallic version, like the one below combines fashion and function beautifully. check out the details.

what: ballerina flat shoes by christian louboutin
where: where else!?
why: because these are the perfect punctuation to any stylish outfit.


it sounds like a really bad rumor, but alas it's the truth my dear blaynistas. tomorrow morning, between 6 and 7 a.m i will be modeling a "country club chic" swim suit ensemble on the cw morning show. for those of you in the new york/tri-state area, that is chanel 11. for those of you not in the area, i have no idea how you can view this. BUT check my website in a few days as the wonderful tara ortiz (she designs my website. and i will post the video online for you.


l'wren scott,next to boyfriend mick jagger, is one of the designers whose creations will be sold at couturelab in london. (

what a fresh idea: seasonless, trendless, custom couture clothing, furnishings and more. that's the concept behind couturelab, a brand new store just opened in london's chelsea district. carmen busquets, of venezuela and one of the founders of net-a-porter is the maverick behind this brilliant idea.


and i have no idea how to respond directly to you when you comment - i will post my comments to your responses on the blog directly below yours. did that sound complicated? please allow me to repeat myself: when you comment on a blog, or ask me a question, i will respond to you by posting my comment directly below yours. to all the fab blaynista's who have already commented on my page, check that days post to see my response. xo,zb

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


this is the title of a book by suze orman that really should be a must read for every blaynista. the super fab (and super broke) folks i see in my industry remind me of the necessity of sound money management. so did the title of an article in today's womens wear daily: "Apparel Spending Up Among Young Adults. So Is Debt." this says it all. having a great outfit is wonderful. but so is having a great credit score. remember that my dears.

the cover of the book, now available at and bookstores nation wide. (


stewart, ford and those pecan pralines. (

below is the recipe of the famous pecan pralines tom ford made during his appearance on the martha stewart show yesterday. the recipe is allegedly one his grandma passed down. i would love to taste these, but honestly i am less interested in making them and more interested in what they wore: tom ford - his trademark black suit, unbuttoned white shirt, plus white pocket square. (even in the kitchen tom!?) martha stewart: a light blue hermes cardigan, ralph lauren jeans, and christian louboutin shoes with the red soles dyed black. (why ruin them martha? and better yet, who knew your conservative casuals were so high end. kudos!) and thank YOU fashion week daily, for reporting the important stuff.

Tom Ford’s Pecan Pralines

INGREDIENTS (Makes about 2 dozen)
2 cups sugar
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup light cream
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
2 cups pecan halves

Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper; set aside. In a 3-quart saucepan, mix together sugar and baking soda. Add cream and place over medium-high heat. Cook, whisking occasionally, until golden brown and mixture reaches 235 degrees on a candy thermometer, 25 to 30 minutes. Add butter and pecans and mix together until butter has melted and mixture is well combined, about 1 minute. Using a tablespoon, drop mixture onto prepared baking sheets about 2 inches apart; let cool completely. Store in an airtight container up to 3 days.


lindsay lohan in jill stuarts fall ad campaign. (

designer jill stuart (not a favorite, but i understand her fans) is opening her second free standing store in the united states. it will open over memorial day weekend in the chic beach town of East Hampton, New York. this store is her second free standing store - for now. according to fashion week daily, there are several more in the works which will debut across the country. she's also set her sights on japan, taiwan and korea, where freestanding stores and shop-in-shops featuring her line will be opened as well. i am loving her power moves. but what i don't love? using lindsay lohan for her fall ad campaign. the photos are haute (truly. good job mario testino.) but the model is not (especially if you believe what the gossip magazines say. which i do without even thinking twice.)


a picture of alice from designer, rafe totengco's blog.

i just gotta say this...i usually blog on folks and fashion labels that the general public knows. so, it may mean nothing to you when i mention alice kim. kim, is the accessories editor at instyle magazine, and though i never worked with her, i was an intern at instyle when she was there. fashion week daily just reported that she is leaving an accessories shop in nebraska. as random as this may seem, i congratulate her. fash-on is fabulous. but you have got to make the fabness last. and owning your own business is a real good way to start. good luck alice.


i don't know about you, but i LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOVE me some claudia schiffer. the 90s super model, who was just shot by karl lagerfeld for the fab (yet over hyped) chanel cruise collection is now going to be featured in the fall ads for salvatore ferragamo. and guess who is going to be her posing partner? none other than the equally fab stephanie seymour. this is going to be beyond haute (yeah, that word again.)

a vintage schiffer shot. (
an old-school photo of seymour giving great face. loves it.


i don't have a definite opinion on this. but the gap sure seems to. according to the daily, gap has hired him to be their executive director of design for gap adult and gap body. robinson has an awesome track record, having designed for armani, paco rabane, anne klein among other places. right now he is working magic at target right now with that capsule collection. but can his mojo (yeah, i used that word. what!?) really move the gap's sagging profit margins? let's see. here's what i think will happen: initally the buzz, and no doubt fab clothing, will create a lot of interest. it's possible that folks outside the new york/l.a. fashion world will care enough to buy the clothes as well. and we will see a slight increase in profits for the gap. then we will be back at square one: slow sales, weak designs, and a totally disinterested buying audience which shops at target, uniqlo and even old navy for the same stuff at a fraction of the price. ofcourse, i hope i am wrong. for patrick's sake.

patrick robinson strikes a pose. hope he's still smiling after he starts at the gap. (patrick mcmullen/

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


eight months,three weeks,and sixteen hours. that's how long i've been looking for a watch (or just about) and i think i may have found it.sad to say i can't afford it at this time though. that doesn't mean i can't lust. this stainless steel beauty is straight from japan and boasts old school touches like a LED screen.


what: pimp watch by saishin diode
why: because there's nothing more sexier on a girl, than a watch that looks like it belongs on a boy.
co$t: $215 (price and item available exclusively online)


you've heard of issye miyake (you know, fab pleats, awesome fragrance, legend in the industry.) his former creative designer naoki takazawa is now branching out to create his own womens wear line. it will debut during new york city fashion week this september. (p.s. totally not related, but I LIVE for all of miyake's fragrances. seriously. they are everything.)

a look from miyake's fall 2007 show. love that jacket. (


badgley, sparks, and mishka: a marriage made in hollywood heaven.

it's down to the final contestants and while the rest of the country is going to be guessing who will win american idol - my fashion forward blaynista's will be guessing who designed jordin's outfit. i am here to solve the riddle for you: badgley mishka. the design due of mark badgley and james mishka flew down to l.a with 100 dresses for the 17 year old to choose from. they even tossed in some shoes, purses and fragrance in for good measure. no matter who america votes for, badgley mishka has already won with the crazy amount of exposure they are getting from this.


for some reason, i don't actually find this too interesting - but i thought you might. saks fifth avenue is revamping it's shoe floor. construction started today, and is scheduled to end in august when the brand new department will be debuted. customers will have over 8,500 square feet of space to roam when trying shoes on. But that's not even the interesting number: 10022-SHOE is. that is the zip code number that the united states post office has assigned to the floor. honestly, that sounds cool. but it begs the question: why?

a sketch of what the new space will look like. (


london's graduate fashion week is right around the corner. high profile judges like glenda bailey, e.i.c of harpers bazaar, and head honchos from burberry and browns will be on the judging panel. now, posh spice, also known as victoria beckham, will be on the judging panel. i can only guess it's because of the star wattage that she's bringing to this already popular event, 'cause it sho (not sure) but sho ain't her fashion sense. case(s) in point...

hot mess outfit #1
hot mess outfit #2
hot mess outfit know what? i'm gonna stop counting. this could go on indefinitely.


remember those iconic bags julie verhoeven designed for louis vuitton? honesty, i don't either. nor can i find pics for them. but i amgoing to take fashion wire daily's word for it and say that these bags were fierce. so fierce, in fact, that mulberry, the posh london leather goods company, has hired her to produce a caption collection. the line, which debuts in september will include bags, t-shirts, and silk scarves. prices range from $1,995 for a smock dress to $99 for a t-shirt. i will wait till they go on ebay.

this bag retails for $1,198. i definitely love the chanel inspired look and how the graphic pops on the quilted leather.

this dress carries an equally big and broad price tag, $1,995.


tom ford is going hard with his clothing line. after appearing on the martha stewart show last week to make pecan pralines, and show off four of his looks, he has now signed on to dress brad pitt for his major appearances, according to fashion week daily. the partnership isn't official at this time and has yet to be announced, but brad has already stepped out in two - very sharp - outfits by ford. so far, i likey.

i really hate to love these two together, but they look good. and so does brad in this evening look. (getty images/fashion wire daily)

the day look is equally sharp. i loves it. (getty images/fashion wire daily)


what: Cooper Bag by Ralph Lauren (purple label)

why: because trust me, those jansport backpacks need to be put to sleep. and the north face ones too. you are out of college now.

cost: $2,495 (i know! but the good news is if you can afford this bag, i will let you take me to dinner!)


hey guys and today will be a postless day. mama is working on a fab travel piece which will debut shortly. and as usual deadline is kicking me. so please check back tomorrow for all the juicy, pretty, dramatic fashion news your little hearts can stand. bye blaynistas! xo, ms. blay.

update: i am done with deadlines and blogging away! read above!

Monday, May 21, 2007


louis vuitton is one of the many brands which chic will invest in.

i'm not all the way sure if this belongs in the wtf files or in the smart news folder or both. BUT for those of you who invest in the stock market - here is something new to throw your money at: chic mutual fund. chic is the first investment fund in the world dedicated solely to luxury brands. the list of companies they plan to invest in read like a 90's rap video: louis vuitton, gucci, prada, tiffany and porsche. the fund will be floated on the irish stock exchange in early june. those interested in participating have to pony up 5,000 pounds or $9,900. this is the minimum investment requirement.


would you eat pecan pralines served by this man?

if you like food, love fashion and watch martha stewart (the first two are easy, but the last makes this a tough combination. i digress...) then tune in tomorrow to the martha stewart show. the tom ford will be her guest. the real reason he's showing up his to hawk items from his new mens collection. (see archives for my blog on the mens store.) but he will also make pecan pralines on air. suppossedly this is a family recipe. and i hope his appearance is a recipe for retail success. i mean, i love me some tom ford. but those price points at his store? a mess!
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