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Monday, May 28, 2007


loose, flowy and super comfortable. tunics are just the best on a warm day. and on a busy one such as this, you can just throw one on, run your errands, get your feet done and arrive at the bbq looking fab. my family and i are throwing an african brunch for my closest friends this weekend (pics to follow). this would have been fab to wear.

neon dot print tunic dress
why: because this is perfect over bare skin, cropped tights or slim cut jeans. the versatility alone makes this a best seller!
co$t: about $70


blessed said...

hey i really love this blog of yours.....i am a fashion student... but i don't read much news and fashion magazines ... your blog provides me good info in the fashion world that is enough to save me from an embarrassing encounter...

great job!!!
keep it up!

Zandile said...

thanks so much! that truly makes my day!! keep reading for information that will make you - by far - the smartest fashionista in ur classes!

Anonymous said...

that tunic dress is cool but a bit pricey for my budget. Where can I grab one by the way? Thanks!

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