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Monday, August 31, 2009

Scott Schuman, the man behind The Sartorialist, snaps a homeless man in New York. Perhaps keeping up with this fall's interest in homelessness? 
new york - so what do you think is the reason behind the sudden interest in making homelessness stylish by the fashion industry? pure coincidence or did they all secretly meet up à la the skull and discuss that this fall they are bringing back the "chic" in "homeless chic"? although i would love for it to be the latter, i'm betting on it that if anything it's more pure coincidence due to fashionable minds thinking alike. the sartorialist's scott schuman is the latest to be intrigued by the homeless people as a man in that situation becomes one of his subjects for his blog this week. schuman writes that he doesn't typically shoot homeless people since he doesn't "find it romantic or appealing like a lot of street photographers...". he continues that "this shot isn't about fashion - but about someone who, while down on his luck, hasn't lost his need to communicate and express himself through style." i'm sure mr. schuman has his best interest at heart, but did it ever occurred to him that maybe this man could just be wearing clothes he recieved from the shelters he visits? therefore, this isn't about keeping up with his need to "express himself through style" but making due of what he can find to keep himself warm outside the streets of new york. also the photo was taken back in april, why post it now? hmm, i'm starting to think they really did meet up à la the skull.  [story via nymag & images thesartorialist] 
- Kristina Bustos
Last week there was news that the fashion label teamed up with R&B singer Mary J. Blige to benefit her charity. This week Gucci announces its campaign benefiting UNICEF.
Fashion & Style News: Gucci's Snowan to Aid Unicef
Fashion & Style News: Gucci's Snowan to Aid Unicef Fashion & Style News: Gucci's Snowan to Aid Unicef
milan - is gucci in need of good karma? is there something we don't know? no, i kid. how can one hate when fashion and charity collaborate, especially of fashion labels who have been doing it for years? and gucci is one of those charitable labels as "gucci campaign to benefit UNICEF" is now in its fifth year. in 2008 the label and singer rihanna worked together to launch the white heart tattoo collection with accessories adorned with heart motifs. this year gucci's creative director, frida gianni, is hard at work again as she joins with author/illustrator michael roberts to create the book, snowman in africa. the book will be sold worldwide in over 200 gucci boutiques and on the gucci website from november 25th to december 31st. in addition gianni has created snowman themed accessories and gift cards that will feature drawings from the book. all proceeds from the book sales will benefit UNICEF, and if you are interested in getting your copy signed, book signings are schedule for flagship stores located in new york, london and paris. for more information about the campaign visit [story & images]
Kristina Bustos


After the homeless chic story they did for W Magazine, the legendary fashion photog gets dirty - again - with Sasha Pivovarova  + Co. for Vogue Italia.

Milan - Dirty chic must be in for Steven Meisel these days. After a huge spread in the September 2009 issue of W Magazine highlighting the stylish side of homelessness, the legendary photographer carried the theme over to Vogue Italia. Meisel shot not one, not two, but three covers featuring Anna Jagodzinska, Will Lewis, Ash Stymest, Jamie Bochert and of course, Sasha Pivovarova who also worked with Meisel in the W Magazine homeless chic fashion spread. On each cover, the models pose in pairs or trios with luxurious clothes which are made to look worn and pancake make up which is applied to make them look like a troupe of dusty, thirsty vagabonds. The shoot was styled by Karl Temper with makeup duties going to Pat McGrath. [story and images from]


After a four year hiatus, Donatella Versace relaunches the young, contemporary label.

Milan - Donatella Versace is going back to her roots. [No, not those ones.] The blond fashionista and Creative Director at Versace has announced plans to bring back Versus,  the first collection she designed on her own for Versace.  Versus first debuted in 1989 as the younger, chicer, and less pricey sister line to Versace, but then shut down sixteen years later in 2005. After a four year hiatus, Donatella asked "it" Brit designer, Christopher Kane to create a small  accessories collection for the line back in February. The blingy, studded and rock and roll chic pieces he designed may be indicative of what we can expect for Versus' Spring 2010 debut. “The collection reflects Versus’ DNA," Versace told Womens Wear Daily, "and is aimed at young people who want to dress with their own style but like to evolve and break new ground.” [story and photo via]

Famous names both in the U.S. and Japan came out to celebrate the night before the official opening of the Opening Ceremony Tokyo flagship store.  
General view of 'Opening Ceremony' Japan flagship store on August 29, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. Opening Ceremony will open its first store in Tokyo's fashion district Shibuya on August - japan was the place to be yesterday as celebrities like kirsten dunst and rinko kikuchi, models like erin wasson, and designers such as alexander wang showed their support for opening ceremony by celebrating the opening reception of its tokyo flagship store, which opens today in the fashion district, shibuya. (note to self: i have now overused the word "opening".) this marks the first venture outside the united states for opening ceremony with department stores located in new york city and los angeles. opening ceremony, however, isn't just like your typical department store; it "recreates a shopping excursion based on four different perspectives--established designer (designers that best exemplify the country), emerging designer, one of a kind vintage pieces and select items from the open-air markets." the tokyo flagship is no different with each floor featuring a different theme with the merchandising. alexander wang, nom de guerre, boy/band of outsiders, other music and the olsen twins' line the row are just some of the designers and vendors participating in the expansion. this is quite impressive for the department store's ceo carol lim and creative director humberto leon (seen above with mary-kate and ashley olsen), who have always wanted to open one up in japan since day one of their business planning. now moving on to the more important issue, what are those on the heads of the fashionable twins you ask? they are what you think they are--bunny ears and mouse ears--but not just any bunny ears and mouse ears. as a matter of fact they are the results of karl lagerfeld collaborating this season with the chanel-owned exclusive parisian hat brand, maison michel. i prefer the other hats from the collection but for toyko, japan i think mka picked the right ones to wear.
[story via images]        
Kristina Bustos
Actress Kirsten Dunst (R) attends the 'Opening Ceremony' Japan flagship store opening reception party on August 29, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. Opening Ceremony will open its first store in Tokyo's fashion district Shibuya on August 30. Actor Jason Schwartzman (R) and his wife attend the 'Opening Ceremony' Japan flagship store opening reception party on August 29, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. Opening Ceremony will open its first store in Tokyo's fashion district Shibuya on August 30. 
 Creative Director  Humberto Leon, Actress Kirsten Dunst                                       Actor Jason Schwartzman and wife
Designer Alexander Wang and model Erin Wasson attend the 'Opening Ceremony' Japan flagship store opening reception party on August 29, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. Opening Ceremony will open its first store in Tokyo's fashion district Shibuya on August 30. (L to R) Humberto Leon, Creative Director of Opening Ceremony, Japanaese actress Rinko Kikuchi and Carol Lim, CEO of Opening Ceremony attend the 'Opening Ceremony' Japan flagship store opening reception party on August 29, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. Opening Ceremony will open its first store in Tokyo's fashion district Shibuya on August 30.
                  Designer Alexander Wang, Model Erin Wasson                 Humberto Leon, Actress Rinko Kikuchi, CEO  Carol Lim
Japanese actress Masami Nagasawa attends the 'Opening Ceremony' Japan flagship store opening reception party on August 29, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. Opening Ceremony will open its first store in Tokyo's fashion district Shibuya on August 30. Japanese musician Nanase Aikawa attends the 'Opening Ceremony' Japan flagship store opening reception party on August 29, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. Opening Ceremony will open its first store in Tokyo's fashion district Shibuya on August 30.
             Japanese Actress Masami Nagasawa                                                           Japanese Musician Nanase Aikawa   
Japanese actor Kenji Kohashi attends the 'Opening Ceremony' Japan flagship store opening reception party on August 29, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. Opening Ceremony will open its first store in Tokyo's fashion district Shibuya on August 30.  Japanese musician Verbal (R) of m-flo attends the 'Opening Ceremony' Japan flagship store opening reception party on August 29, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. Opening Ceremony will open its first store in Tokyo's fashion district Shibuya on August 30.
                             Japanese Actor Kenji Kohashi                                                     Japanese Musician Verbal  of m-flo (right) 

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Sir Paul McCartney's Ex and former "Glamour Model," Heather Mills launches an eco-friendly collection called Be@one.

los angeles - Why? Can someone please just tell me why? Why the name Be@one. (Feels confusing instead of hip and cutting edge). Why such aesthetically unpleaseant, unforward and unfunctional garments? (These clothes just look bad). And why - yet another - eco friendly line? Heather Mills manages to provide all of that in her debut clothing collection which she unveiled in Los Angeles yesterday. She told the crowd, "The collection consists of women’s and menswear, designed for the assertive, fashionable and eco-conscious person. All the fabrics used in the pieces have been carefully sourced and remodeled into something unique and highly wearable." That's clearly just taking the piss. These clothes don't look like a bonafide designer has taken either eye or pencil or thread to them. Unfortunately, the eco-angle doesn't help either. All it serves to illustrate is that it's high time people chose their clothing wisely so that their castoffs don't end up in collections like this. [story and photos from]

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Well her upcoming fall line that is, which is called Jessica Simpson Collection.
new york - jessica simpson hasn't had the best of luck for the last years in relationships, music career and movie career, but if there's one thing that she has shown she's successful at it's her as a fashion entrepreneur. if you don't know, ms. simpson has a fashion brand named after her, with collections that range from shoes, handbags, clothes, jewelry, swimwear and even for kids. now for the past two weeks, macy's has been celebrating her latest fall line with its herald square flagship dedicating their windows to her line. she tells people magazine that "it is an honor to know that macy's respects and believes in my brand so much that they chose to feature the fall collection in the windows at one of their flagship stores! wow…i feel blessed." good for her. after the tabloid attention on her break-ups and weight gain, girl deserves a break. [story & images via wireimages] 
Kristina Bustos
Every season, Margiela has one of the most original accessories collections out there
paris- margiela is reclusive in his own right, in a world where eccerntricity is highly regarded his behavior still suprises... get a hold of his "11" collection which are made with are designed to look like a watch but without a timepiece. the timeless pieces represent everything that margiela is about and i love it. im with it- they would make an amazing
timeless piece to have
Terrence Phearse

an exclusive sneak peak at the SEPTEMBER ISSUE of the V MAGAZINE LADY GAGA nude and BLACK!
new york- lady gaga never cease to amaze me. here is a sneak peek of the singer and stylistas spread in v magazine. i cant wait to see more, shot my the legendary mario testino. i love how that platinum blonde hair is sitting on her amazing bronze tan. her bod is smoking and she looks hot. i have been waiting for another entertainer to arrive like
she has. recently she did an interview in london, the reporter said.." some people think that your a fashion disaster, does it bother you" gaga replied, "they dont know anything about fashion"
Terrence Phearse

Friday, August 28, 2009


Trippen is a German shoe company that crafts their footwear in a small factory on the outskirts of Berlin and chooses not advertise
germany-  the shoes, designed by Michael Oehler & Angelika Spieth, are made from naturally tanned leather, because they are all so interesting to look at. if black is not your thing, they offer a selection of other colored leather your pair can be made in, like wine, pink, and gray. ok these shoes give me everything i want a need... i love the different kinds of leathers they use,,, and the very blunt or geometric cuts on footwear...these shoes are one breath of fresh air for seeing shoes. these shoes are mainly worn in japan but i can definetly could see any kind of man in new york wearing these.. shoe #1  is very east village. shoe #2  (wedge) gives you a west village moment. shoe #3 is ephermal i really cant with that one, it gives me very williamsburg. the other tree pair i could see anywhere for the trendy guys in midtown or the upper west side. if you want to see the future of mens shoes, i say trippen is pushing the envelope
Terrence Phearse


Mary J. Blige and Gucci come together for a charitable venture, benefiting Blige's charity dedicated to helping women reach their full individual potential.  
www - who doesn't love it when celebrities or big companies give back to the community especially in such a stylish manner too? fashion label gucci is doing just that by teaming up with r&b singer mary j. blige for a charitable endeavour. the label's iconic twirl watch will get an updated look designed by its creative director, frida giannini, which will be launched on september 16th exclusively at gucci's 5th avenue flagship store. the timepiece's portion of sales will benefit blige's foundation for the advancement of women now, inc. the FFAWN's mission is to help all women gain their skills and confidence to reach their full potential from programs that promote education, career development, personal growth and strong self-esteem. blige is thankful with the partnership as she says, "i am so grateful to frida and gucci for their extraordinary kindness. by opening their doors to support FFAWN, they will make a real difference in the lives of many young women seeking hope and help. gucci sets a great example in the luxury world in recognizing its responsibility to give back." the watches will then be sold in select gucci and department stores around the country beginning september 17th. if you want to know more about FFAWN, visit its website @ [story & image via

Kristina Bustos
Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams show off their tennis skills and U.S. Open ensembles by Nike on the streets of New York City.
Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Serena Williams Explain Their Flashy U.S. Open Ensembles
Roger Federer
new york  - sports and fashion meet up once again and this time it's for the u.s. open, which kicks off august 31st. tennis stars roger federer, rafael nadal and serena williams revealed their new u.s. open gears by nike yesterday with retired tennis player john mcenroe hosting the event. the sportswear company blocked off broadway between 22nd and 23rd streets for a makeshift tennis court, where young fans from different inner-city programs got the chance to hit some balls with the nike-sponsored tennis stars. seriously though, how adorable do these tennis players look each in their own matching ensemble? federer wears red and black from head to toes, nadal goes for blue and yellow gear which he says is inspired by the new york taxi cabs, and williams sticks with her favorite color, fuchsia. williams, who has more experience in designing, said that she started creating her outfit fifteen months ago and is inspired by christian dior and louis vuitton. i couldn't expect any less from the no. 2 women's tennis player, who picks style over comfort when it comes to looking good. [story via nymag & images via, gettyimages, nike] 
Kristina Bustos

"PORTRAIT OF A LADY" by guest Fashion Editor KIRSTEN DUNST for V Magazine

In an exclusive project for V, contemporary artist KAREN KILIMNIK photographs a potpourri of timeless accessories, as selected by actress Kirsten Dunst


Photographed by Karen Kilimnik

Accessories included are from Marc Jacobs, Dior, David Yurman, Oscar de la Renta, Chanel, Repetto

Terrence Phearse 


Two iconic British women team up with the equally iconic Brazilian label to design their own versions of Melissa shoes.
sao paulo, london - In the laundry list of mundande things that mystify me plastic reigns supreme. Particularly what Brazillian based shoe label, Melissa, has managed to do with the material. Since launching in 1979 they've manipulated rubber, very plentiful in Brazil, into a dazzling array of fashion forward footwear. In the past, Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Muglier, and Alexandre Herchcovitch have all debuted special edition versions of the fantastic plastic shoes. Every bit as comparable to the awesome work they did are their latest designer collabos: Zaha Hadid and Vivienne Westwood. Hadid, the iconic British/Iranian architect and Westwood, the iconic British designer/bon vivant have both debuted their own Melissa collections. Hadid's is as you would expect: all sleek and sensual and dark (much like the writer of this post perhaps?). Westwoods take on the classic Mary Jane is also as one would expect: quirky, whimsical and chic. Hadid's retails for $220, while Westwood's will set you back $160. Log on to to find where you can buy these.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scandalous! With the rumors of a split from his second wife, the designer is snapped yesterday laying under the sun with an unnamed woman. 50 Cent's P.I.M.P song plays on. 
italy - just give me a second here to stop staring at the second image. it's a little creepy, yes? okay now that i've move on from it. here is designer roberto cavalli yesterday on a yacht in ponza, italy with a woman who is only identified as a "russian model."  (well there goes my "nah it could be his daughter" theory.) there has been rumors circulating that cavalli has split with his second wife of 28 years, eva cavalli, and seeing these photos of the designer getting his mack on with another woman just adds more fuel to the fire. eva, however, is also roberto's business partner, but if the rumors are true it appears to have no affect with their work relationship as the two recently walked on the runway for a bow together in june. kudos for them for keeping it civil. well, then, with that said i leave you more photos of this sexy pimp, er, i mean designer.
Kristina Bustos
[story via images via popsugar]
Terrence Phearse
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