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Thursday, February 28, 2008


new york - so usually, i like to keep these blay report exclusives for wednesday's, but really stephanie scott, public relations director at luxury skin care line 3Lab Cosmetics is totally worth breaking tradition. besides a fabulous job and an amazing personality that inspires us, scott is also full of spot-on style and career advice. she held nothing back during the recent interview that t.b.r reporter danielle prescod had with her. check out the dish on everything from her favorite labels (tracy reese, anyone?) to what customers can expact from 3Lab ("nothing but the best!")

beautiful: a portrait of stephanie scott in black and white

So we know your name, but care to tell us your age?
A lady never tells…

Fair enough! We try not to tell either. So where were you born and raised? Englewood, NJ

We love that city! Where did you go to school? SPELMAN COLLEGE. I majored in sociology with a concentration in media studies.

What's your current job and title? I am the Director of Public Relations for 3LAB, Inc.

You have a fabulous job that probably a million people want. What did you do to get where you are? I work hard and I work smart. I started working in this industry at a young age making smart sacrifices – like skipping the nightclub to assist stylists at fashion shows - that would allow me to learn the craft. I let my passion lead me to excel.

stephanie in one of her trademark dresses.

Being young and successful in this industry is no easy feat. How do you dress yourself (mentally and in actuality) for the work place? I try to present myself professionally in all situations so that others will in turn treat me professionally. I look young and upon first impression, some people have equated that with being inexperienced. But when they see how I work, they realize that that’s not the case. I try to be humble in everything that I do and work hard to achieve the goals. As far as my attire, I love dresses and being feminine so I’d say that I’m probably in a dress 98% of the time. I like to have fun and enjoy myself – even at work.

clearly, the lady wasn't lying when she said she likes to have fun!

Who are your favorite designers? Where to begin…I’m not a “label” person but I have found a few designers that make my eyes light up. I love almost anything and everything Tracy Reese, Diane Von Furstenberg and Christian Louboutin.

What is your guilty fashion pleasure? Hair accessories. I have really long sometimes curly, sometimes straight super thick and healthy hair and l-o-v-e pretty hair accoutrement. I’ve also got my eye on those new Gucci loves NY bags. So cute!

We've got our eyes on those too Stephanie. If you buy it first, let us borrow it! So, what are your style secrets? When it comes to style tips, I’ve been lucky and have had the pleasure of learning from the best: style expert Lloyd Boston. So I keep it simple, dress what fits – not the number inside the garment, and take one thing

off before leaving the house. Also, I make sure that I pamper myself with monthly facials, massages, going to the gym, etc. If you don’t feel good, you won’t look good no matter what you put on.

How has your job impacted your personal style? Luckily for me, I work in the beauty industry so I’m still able to feel like myself when I dress for work opposed to a corporate uniform. I am comfortable at work and I think that people get a genuine sense of who I am and who they are speaking with as a result. Also, I wear more red – our company colors are red and white.

thank god for lace front wigs! if not we'd be extremely jealous of stephanie's luxurious, healthy, beautiful head of hair.

What is your typical day at work like? No day is e

ver the same but on any given day, my time is spent on the phone with editors or celebrity makeup artists talking about our products, writing up new marketing concepts and managing pr for our global business (in addition to Barneys New York and Saks, we just opened up in Germany, Selfridges in the UK, Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong and 2 Lotte Department stores in Korea in the past four months).

How does it feel to make the transition from student (or intern) to employee? It felt great, nothing feels as good as your first paycheck out of college. It also felt right and very fulfilling to be able to do what I wanted to do not had to do for work.

What can you tell us about the new line? 3LAB is a luxury cosmeceutical brand available at Barneys New York ( and Saks Fifth Avenue ( We have our own R&D facility where make and manufacture our products - 20 in total including our key products WW Cream, “h” Serum and WW Eye Cream. This Spring, we will be launching our Perfect Repair, a new serum which contains the highest quality and highest quantity of stable Vitamin C on the market. It’s already been written up in ALLURE and is very exciting!!!

What can customers expect? Nothing but the best.


this elliot lucca bag for $328 is one of the bags suggested. on, it's silver, but i loved the yellow one instead. (

worldwide - if you are like me, your laptop goes with you everywhere. if you are also like me, you want to look chic lugging it. i came across a great bag on oxford road in london for $50. i will post a pic of it soon, but it's black leather with huge faux crocodile leather pockets (i stuff my wallet, phone and even notebooks in them) and everything is held up by huge gold buckles and buttons. it sounds borderline tacky, but it truly is just gorgeous and elevates a basic black computer bag to impossibly chic heights. if you have yet to find laptop love with a bag, check out this story on aol stylist.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


world wide web - i'm not particularly a jordin sparks fan ( or non-fan). for those of you who may not be familiar with her, she was the winner of last season's american idol. but i simply LOVED this photo of her, or more specifically the t-shirt in this photo of her. i am a proud ghanaian, so it was super cool to see a "celeb" in a t-shirt like this. i definitely want one too! thanks to mr. msr, kareem anglin, for sending this my way.


worldwide - blaynista's, just wanted to point your attention towards the sidebar of the blay report. i've been beefing it up lately and i've got to say i'm quite fond of it now. i've added bios on my WONDERFUL reporters, shavon greene, danielle prescod and meredith davis, along with a new picture of the week section and a designer pronunciation guide. here's to hopping that these changes beef up your blay report experience. x, zb!


it boy and it girl: henry holland and agyness deyn. (

london - i've got to tell you i simply adore collaborations in the fashion industry and this is one for the books. henry holland, the east end london designer who is famous friends with top model agyness deyn and built his fame on eccentric graphic tees has just inked a deal with levi's. a pair of traditional 501 jeans by levi's. (

according to drapers magazine, he will design at eight piece range based around levi's top-selling 501 denim. the pieces will debut during the spring 2009 house of holland runway show and will similarly be available in Spring 2009.
jourdan dunn modeling house of holland's fall 2008 collection during london fashion week, earlier this month.(

levi's must think a whole lot of the designer because andrea moore, their uk an ireland marketing director said, "We don't enter into collaborations lightly, but we felt that Henry's design skills and entrepreneurial spirit were in keeping with the brand." score for both sides.


world wide - just wanted you to feast your eyes on these dynamic pieces. they are pulled from the frank gehry collection for tiffany's. as you may know, gehry is the legendary american architect whose bold aesthetic has earned him praise in all areas of design and tiffany's is's. the wonderful, amazing, jeweller where i am getting my engagement ring and all my jewelry for that matter, from. (a girl can dream, can't she). they partnered up almost two years ago at this point to create this dynamic line which ranges from rings to vases and bowls. it's worth going on the tiffany's website to check out the full collection. some of these pieces are also quite affordable. there are rings and vases for $175 u.s dollars, but ofcourse price points spiral into the thousands. either way, it's worth it. i am not a big jewelry girl myself, but i find these pieces beautiful and lust-worthy. thanks to, where i got my photos.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


a photo of blanks from 2007 i believe. i will be rocking that same hair color soon. please stay tuned! (thanks to for pic)

world wide - as i am in london immersing myself in fashion at central saint martins, i have been doing my fair share of reading runway reviews. nicole phelps, sarah mower, and suzy menkes are some of the bylines i keep coming against time after time. (believe you me, one day the name zandile blay will be added to this list). however, whenever i come across the name tim blanks, i get even more excited. this new zealand born fashion reporter has a brilliant way with words and a keen insight on designers and collections, which i am beginning to love, trust, and look for. everyone loves fashion, but not everyone can explain it particularly well. kudos to mr. blanks for being one of a gifted few.


olsen in a cashmere tunic and leather leggings by her new label, the row.

models in looks by the row. (thanks to for all pics.)

dallas - i actually don't even know how to start this post. but suffice it to say that i am impressed. mary kate and ashley olsen continue to expand their empire at the humble age of 21. the latest addition is "the row" a high-priced clothing line that specializes in really quality, fashion forward, american-made garments. some of the price points go as high as $4,000 for a black leather poncho. ashley olsen recently went to dallas for an instore promotion of the label which was quiet a success. brian bolke of forty five ten, which hosted ashley for the appearance had wonderful things to say about the new label to womens wear daily. "It's done amazing," he told reporter holly haber. "For our customers, who appreciate beautiful clothing, this is their go-to basic. We never mark it down."


i've mixed feelings on van assche's new womenswear collection. (double air kisses to for pics.)

paris - in menswear, of course, kris van assche is a big deal. the belgian menswear designer was hand picked to succeed hedi slimane at christian dior after slimane left over contract negotiations. his tenure so far has been mixed, but mostly positive. he continues to run his own line, in conjunction to what he's doing for dior. here are photos of his fall 2008 womenswear collection. i immediately want to say i don't like it....but i think i ought to give it time. what do you think of these pieces blaynistas?


beijing - yohji yamamoto, a japanese designer, seems dead set on promoting chinese fashion and i am loving his strategy. the designer will debut a special autumn/winter collection which will debut in beijing in april of this year. the pieces will be auctioned off at the beijing hotel to raise money for the "yohji yamamoto fund for peace." the event is part of a larger annual scheme by yamamoto, which will see his charity organization sponsoring a chinese designer and chinese model each year. the designer will take part in a two year fashion education program, while the model will debut on the yamamoto runway during paris fashion week. this ties in nicely with yamamoto's upcoming expansion in china, where a total of twelve stores are planned to open by 2010.

by the way, yamamoto actually just showed in paris and his collection is simply amazing. it is a result of a collaboration with hermes (what a brilliant move on both parts) and in my opinion, it is quiet successful. the wide skirts, and tailored jackets create a refreshing silhouette which manages to reference the curves of a woman, but is no slave to it. even if the collection does look a bit fanciful at first glance, it doesn't take much convincing to see that some of these jackets would make an excellent staple in any wardrobe.


i simply adore this ring and necklace from damiani. i'm sure the thieves got away with pieces as dynamic as this one and more...

damiani has a diverse celebrity clientele that ranges from sophia loren, above to paris hilton, below. (

i like this picture of p.hilton, who is dripping in damiani jewels. her weave is awesome! (

milan - the blay report in no way shape or form endorses or glamorizes crime - but you've got to hand it to the hoods who devised this brilliant plan to steal from damiani! a group of thieves stole millions of dollars worth of jewels and diamonds from damiani, the luxury jewelry firm which caters to celebs like brad pitt, gwyneth paltrow, and tilda swinton. this was a very innovative heist. apparently the seven "unarmed" men had spent the last several months digging a tunnel into the damiani show room from the building next door, which was under construction. this past week, they entered the damiani showroom through the tunnel they had built and set their plan in motion. they tied up staff members and made off with the jewels which were being prepped for an oscar party. if i were police, i would be torn between applauding these criminals for their dedication and innovation and arresting them. am i the only one who is impressed?


mark parker, ceo of nike, had some good news for peta. also, total sidebar: isn't this an amazing corporate head shot? i love the colors and composition. (

new york - just as fur has been making a strong showing in the trends for, cole haan is announcing that it will no longer incorporate it in future collections. in am email to peta, the animal rights group, nike ceo mark parker (nike owns cole haan) wrote, " for both business and sustainability reasons we (worked) with our suppliers and vendors to discontinue (fur) in our product line, effective fall 2008." that means the upcoming collection from cole haan will be free from the rabitt fur and mink, which they usually use to trim coats and line gloves, respectively.


the cover of new entertainment magazine. (

usa - so my faithful blaynistas know how i feel about alexander allen. we've interviewed him and written about him a few times. the acclaimed celebrity fashion stylist is known throughout the industry for transforming folks like beyonce, laura linney, pink, and of course eve, into absolute glamazons. now he's applying his stellar styling skills into media coverage for the ybf extra, a magazine that was recently launched by the popular blog the ybf ( the online magazine is subscription based, but i have a sneak preview for you courtesy of mr. allen himself. check out his amazing fashion coverage on page 12 - 15.


cheers to you too pam! that drink looks delicious and pam's smile is dazzling, but i only have eyes for that cream clutch that's tucked under her arm!

london - so i was catching up on juicy dish from my fave bloggers the other day, i came across a wonderful shout out on my favorite accessories blog: bagtrends by pamela pekerman.. the site is the work of my fabulous friend, pamela pekerman. faithful blaynistas will remember the q&a we did with pam a few months back (google pekerman on our brand new search bar!). she told her readers : "If you want to know what's hot in London, or just interested in reading a fresh, smart, cultural take on fashion check out check out what my dear friend, fabulous fashion writer and former ....InStyle intern Zandile Blay has to say on her blog The Blay Report."
i am living for this eco chic bag by designer ashley watson. it is available on

a thousand, thousand thank yous for the warm words pam. but honestly, we at the blay report are only trying to be as good as you and your fabulous reporters at! definitely check out what pam has to say on all things bags at The Bagtrends Blog, and if you want to buy some of these goodies? just mosy on Bagtrends where she retails the best in bags!

Monday, February 25, 2008


this photo, from, shows timberlake in a mature/sexy way. i would quiet like something like this for his upcoming givenchy campaign.

worldwide - givenchy has recently announced that justin timberlake will be the face of their new mens fragrance. they fragrance has no name and has yet to be rolled out. but it is scheduled to be unveiled to the press in june. the first rollout will be in fall of this year, with an international roll out taking place in 2009. i am just as surprised about this partnership as i was/am about erykah badu being selected to represent tom ford's new fragrance. timberlake, ofcourse, is a very marketable celeb. but, in my opinion, he doesn't necessarily capture the culture and cache of givenchy. either way, it should be an absolutely brilliant ad campaign. stay tuned for more details on this as they emerge.


t-magazine's cover art announcing their collabo with colette

paris - i'm sure you've heard of collette, the wonderfully "curated" fashion boutique in paris. if you haven't don't fret. it's only recently that i got turned on to this venerable style institution that is house on the rue honoree in paris. they are acclaimed the world over by fashionistas for a dazzling selection of art, books, and fashion. from today until march 1st, new york times is collaborating with them for T, their style magazine. colette dish on all that's haute in paris, from fashion to parties and will also be posting on T magazine's blog: the moment. sounds like a fun concept as well as a flimsy stab at cross promotion.


london (by way of new york) - so blaynistas! my wonderful fashionista friend, (college roommate!) and resident accessories guru at nieman marcus, patricia batista, and i were chatting about the bafta's a few days ago. as usual, her commentary is so fabulous, i thought i would share with you all. i know it's been days since the ceremony. but it's never too late to read a fresh take on old news is it? check out her memo to you all below.... (p.s MAJOR PROPS to this brilliant blog i just discovered, and got the pics from:

From: The Desk of Patricia Batista To: The Fabulous Readers of The Blay Report Re: BAFTA'S

from top, kylie minogue, abigail clancy and kate nash, lead the brigade of short dresses at the baftas. ofcourse, not all enjoyed equal success...

WOW! I totally thought that there would be more press coverage on this event! Especially on the fashion end...que paso? Does the world not have any interest in the individuality that IS London fashion? Here goes...

Apparently the universal themes of this red carpet were LOOOOONG GAMS! and hiked up hemlines. If you've got em'...why not flaunt 'em! Leave it to the Brits to trade in a classic couture gown for mini dresses made of socially oppressed fabrics.
So here are my three favorites, or should I say favorites:
When in doubt, wear black...just make sure it sparkles! That is exactly what the "Locomotion" Queen did with this simple Vicky Tiel mini dress. A very safe choice...but a glamorous one nonetheless...and yes...the diamonds help...A LOT! Also, is it the dress or has Kylie suddenly developed some curves...regardless... she looks amazing.

i already noted how much i love this dress on k.rowland. trisha has her thoughts too...

Kelly Rowland
and her controversial ostrich feather and metallic mesh dress were a huge hit in my book. So what if it looked as though she she was being engulfed by a feather duster...she looked marvelous doing so and that is what this fashion thing is all about. How did she pull it off you ask? Well, she is in great shape for a micro-mini dress...her legs go on for days...and she was wearing LOUBS! need I say more?

( Z, I'm not sure of the designer but Rihanna was wearing the same dress on the cover of Britain's YOU magazine, November 2007. I attemped to look up the fashion creds for that issue but I wasn't able to come by anything)

trish loved this look on rihanna! me? not so much....

Once again my top pick would have to be "Little Miss Sunshine" herself in a gleaming Dolce&Gabbana number. I loved the contrast between the structure and the femininity of the dress. It's amazing what one little bow in the right place can do! This piece could've been terribly overstyled...but clearly somebody's styling team is on their P's and Q's! Her hair looks fresh and new...her jewelry is subtle...and she traded her earrings for strappy Loubs. Not to mention, that I am sooooo glad that she wore gold jewelry...a fashion "rule" that definitaley needs to be nixed. These two precious metals look great together!

Roomie..sorry if it's the same three people everyone talked about but they were the only ones that really got any press! Although, I really did love their looks..but anywho...Don't you worry...the Oscars are on this Sunday and I am all over it! Hope all is well across the pond! Stay Gorgeous!



los angeles - i like to think of the oscars as a feast for the fashionista's the very least, the red carpet is. from the good, to the bad, to the where's you stylist there was so much to love and much more to love to hate. below are the looks i loved the most, in no particular order. definitely check out fashion stylist, charles wade's blog, for more creative oscar fashion coverage! xo, zb

i can't say am all that familiar with amy adams. (please excuse my naivete if she is the hottest thing in hollywood.) that said - she looks fierce! i absolutely, absolutely live for this amazing proenza shouler gown and fred leighton jewels. everything comes together to paint a perfect picture of old hollywood glamor.

this girl, katherine hiegl - she does not move me. something about her simply rubs me wrong. but that escada gown, that hair, that lip color - combined it is all kinds of right. i live for this look! the girls who models it, i can live without.....

hmmmm mixed feelings on this ensemble. on anyone else, i would be tempted to call it sloppy. but on blanchett, i think it works. here she rocks a dries van noten dress with a roger vivier clutch.

i am minutes away from joining the cruz bandwagon. the woman truly is beautiful and this chanel haute couture gown takes my breath away.

she won best actress and also gets best dressed in my book: marion cotillard in a gaultier paris haute couture gown, chopard jewels and a swarovski clutch.


london - trying not to make this one of those long, extended stays from blogging. i heart my blaynistas too much. so i am still under deadline drama....the life of a writer! i was able to be very productive this weekend though and found three online software programs which will help my productivity exponentially in days to is the first one. if you are someone who has to keep track of your expenses (i.e. a contributing writer like me) or you are just super sensitive about tracking your spending - it's the program for you! also discovered, which tracks your eating and excercise habit and finally, which helps you manage and track the time spent on various projects! just some tips i picked up from the writers war zone and wanted to share. i hope you've all enjoyed reading my archives! now on to todays news. xx, zb

Friday, February 22, 2008


london - well, the title says it all. your faithful blogger is typing up a storm. i am on deadline for five pieces right now and am not even close to being done - hence my absence today. but i promise to DEFINITELY blog this evening, so you better come back again, you hear? there's loads of juicy fash news i have my eye on to post, so i'll more than make this up to you. ALSO, blaynista's, can you please explain why most of you think erykah badu for tom ford is a good idea. i think it's horrible. and i thought yall would agree. but i guess i don't know you as well as i thought....comments!? please!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


milan - this is just a classic case of pictures speaking a thousand words, so i don't have to say much. (BUT I WILL!) overall, i quiet liked the cavalli show, mostly because the designer and his team put forth a hearty effort. but to what end? after checking out all the pieces from, i got the distinct feeling that this fall 2008 cavalli collection was neither distinctly fall or distinctly be the judge. either way, i've conveniently categorized the looks for you so you get my feeling on the pieces...


the looks below were a strong and refreshing take on the glitz, glam and rock and roll chic which cavalli is known and loved for. in these two looks, you see great examples of a designer sticking to his "theme" yet updating it in a fresh and vibrant way. i love them.

THE BAD: english people have a delightful term they use for mass market clothes/retailers and the term is "high street." that's exactly the look and feel of the garments below. seems to me like stores such as h&m, zara's, and perhaps even mango have already done looks like this. it's odd and awkward to see them on the cavalli catwalk. the fabric and craftsmanship might be high end, but the overall look - if you will excuse my bluntness - feels cheap.

THE WTF!?: somebody please have mercy on me and explain how the looks below found their way onto a catwalk, let along the cavalli collection. (listen, cavalli aint no prada, i know. but still!) i hate to casually dismiss a designer's hard work and yet, i must. these pieces show no faithfulness to the glam-chic image which is cavalli, making them look like painfully out of place and misguided ensembles.

THE SIDEBAR: cavalli graces the catwalk with co-designer eva duringer. but readers, doth my eyes deceive me or does his face look tightly lifted and botoxed? maybe i am just on some really good crack. thoughts?
(air kisses to for photos!)

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