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Monday, February 25, 2008


this photo, from, shows timberlake in a mature/sexy way. i would quiet like something like this for his upcoming givenchy campaign.

worldwide - givenchy has recently announced that justin timberlake will be the face of their new mens fragrance. they fragrance has no name and has yet to be rolled out. but it is scheduled to be unveiled to the press in june. the first rollout will be in fall of this year, with an international roll out taking place in 2009. i am just as surprised about this partnership as i was/am about erykah badu being selected to represent tom ford's new fragrance. timberlake, ofcourse, is a very marketable celeb. but, in my opinion, he doesn't necessarily capture the culture and cache of givenchy. either way, it should be an absolutely brilliant ad campaign. stay tuned for more details on this as they emerge.

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MS Reviewer said...

I'm eager to see how this collaboration works out.

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