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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


cheers to you too pam! that drink looks delicious and pam's smile is dazzling, but i only have eyes for that cream clutch that's tucked under her arm!

london - so i was catching up on juicy dish from my fave bloggers the other day, i came across a wonderful shout out on my favorite accessories blog: bagtrends by pamela pekerman.. the site is the work of my fabulous friend, pamela pekerman. faithful blaynistas will remember the q&a we did with pam a few months back (google pekerman on our brand new search bar!). she told her readers : "If you want to know what's hot in London, or just interested in reading a fresh, smart, cultural take on fashion check out check out what my dear friend, fabulous fashion writer and former ....InStyle intern Zandile Blay has to say on her blog The Blay Report."
i am living for this eco chic bag by designer ashley watson. it is available on

a thousand, thousand thank yous for the warm words pam. but honestly, we at the blay report are only trying to be as good as you and your fabulous reporters at! definitely check out what pam has to say on all things bags at The Bagtrends Blog, and if you want to buy some of these goodies? just mosy on Bagtrends where she retails the best in bags!

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