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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


a vintage top, some cutoffs, and my favorite muse bag complete this easy, breezy summer look. (kareem anglin)

yes blaynista's. momma never went after all. and guess why? the blayreport. after getting up fashionably late for my 6:20 a.m flight. (all that fashion would turn fugly shortly.) i proceeded to handle my morning b.i. instead of brushing, bathing and getting the heck on to the aiport. i proceeded to do a much more important "b" activity: blog. yes, blaynista's, for the love of you and fab fashion fassip, i put aside more urgent duties to write. and guess what? the predictable happened. i ran late. missed check in by a few minutes, and subsequently missed belize entirely. tear. but, i did get to do some fabulous things instead - like luxuriate all weekend with my b.f, franklin. and hang out this past monday with one of my favorite friends: marketing genius, and nyc powerhouse - kareem anglin. check out the photo he took of me stylin' in front of nyu's bobst library. and the picture a random smoker took of the both of us.kareem and i ham it up for the paparazzi (aka, a random student taking our photo.)


okay, it's not fugly. but it's based on a fugly event. it's my latest style/travel story which is now live on the huffington post. click on this link to read - and let me know your thoughts. xo, zb


this chic is fabulous!
okay. so i am not familiar with this chic. but according to, she is noemie lenoir, a french model and actress who is also married to soccer player, claude makelele. none of these names ring bells, but her fab style does. she is walking on the beach in saint tropez with her son and she looks absolutely amazing. i love the light, easy-breezy linen tunic she has on, which gives a sexy peek at her pink two piece. that butter leather carryall is everything. and the best accessory? her too-cute son. she makes motherhood look fabulous. perhaps in ten years, it will be my turn.....


okay. honestly, this photo has nothing to do -directly - with this post. but this is a really, really, cute indian model i thought you all should see.

so why do i love conde nasty - my bad, conde nast. because they are such a fab publishing house that they do fashion, and industry, forward things like this: launching more upmarket titles in india. according to and financial times, conde nast is "set to launch an indian edition of vogue in september and is seeking, or has obtained, regulatory approval for its other magazines including Glamour, GQ, Conde Nast Traveller and Vanity Fair. who can blame them? a new study shows that india is "second only to singapore in terms of growth in the number of people with net assets worth $1m or more." dayum. shouldn't we all be considering a move to india?


posh & becks, and these other string of celebs make up vanity fair's best dressed list. (

posh and becks are part of vanity fair's international best dressed couples list. are you surprised!? (

bids are still going for barney's new york. fast retailing co, the japanese company that runs uniqlo, just offered another bid of $900 million - in cash! this tops their competitors offer of $825 million. (

donatella versace's rep came out to deny rumors that the designer will be creating a special custom wardrobe for the spice girls reunion tour. i am sorta sad, that would have been the height of trashtasticness. (


talley and me at fashion week a few seasons back. (

so every fashionista - and blaynista - knows and loves the andre leon talley. the legendary personality who also doubles as editor in large at vogue. he is beign honored by the industry's best this coming october with the lord & taylor fashion oracle award, according to the award is part of fashion group international's night of the stars gala.


this diesel ad is from years back. but i LOVES it! it shows african's, like myself, living the luxe life. something to truly aspire to!

and yet another ginormous store by diesel. this time the denim brand is opening a 13 window, 1,200 square foot store in milan. the store, which will be called, diesel plant will be overlooking the central piazza san babila. (don't know what that is, but sounds so fab.) so far they are keeping further details under wraps.


in front of the niketown in chicago. coun't how many black employees you see. mmmhmmmm.

uh uh! does nike hate black people!!!???? according to a news clip in today's wgsn, the retail giant was sued by 400 black employees at it's niketown store in chicago. in a class action suit the group filed in 2003, they alleged discrimination against black workers. of course nike denied it, but that didn't stop them from making a payout of 7.6 million dollars. the money will be paid out to black workers who worked there dating back to 1999. why would nike bite the hand that feeds it!? black people buy more air force ones and jordan's than anyone in the world.

Monday, July 30, 2007


this pic is pure genius for political science + fashion majors like myself. (

okay, so how gangsta and uber fashionable is this? former president of the former soviet union, mikhail s. gorbachev in the new ad campaign for louis vuitton. i am so into this photo that i want to make it my screen saver for everything. as eric wilson of the new york times writes, this photo is part of an upcoming ad campaign by vuitton and will be featured in major fashion ads this fall. it was shot by premier fashion photographer, annie liebowitz ( who will shoot me one day, i promise you!) several other celebs will be featured in these campaigns as well, including retired tennis star, andre aggassi and legendary movie actress catherine deneuve. wilson had harsh words for gorbachev though, saying " Of the group, Mr. Gorbachev appears the least comfortable. He is holding on to a door handle, as if the bag contained polonium 210." that may be wilson, but him and the bag look that much more political and posh for it. i loves this. thank you to blayreport correspondent omar ibn abdullah for sending this my way.


so just on pure g.p, i decided to overload you all on celebs for today's rundown. all pictures are from read and enjoy!

i love this look for ashanti. the hair looks sophisticated and that summer dress is just how i like it: short, bright, and sexy. even her clear, thong, flats are a hit. let's hope the same can be said for her album when it drops.

the posture is awful. but besides that, what's not to love in this photo of naomi campbell at the grammy foundation gala event. i love the mettalic armor detail on the dress and those shoes are a perfect compliment.
clearly, a big bootie does not a beautiful back shot make. super high stilletto heels can have the same dayum effect. case in point: victoria "posh spice" beckham's over-dressed fabulousness on recent shopping trip with her haute husband. becks looks good, and ofcourse, queen latifah is beautiful, even when dressed as a commoner. but both pale next to posh.

way to capitalize on being a jail bird. yes, ja rule definitely got bail. but i def don't think it's too fly that you had to put your new jersey mansion up to make it. just my humble opinion. blaynista's know that i love being financial fabulous as i do being fashionably so. ja rule looks good in this witty tee - but is it really all good financially? just asking.....

no. it's not the clothing. on swizz's wife, mashonda, that dress looks very average and oversold (i think joyce leslie, forever 21, and ever "boutique" in soho sells it.) and that polo hat looks whatever on swizz. but do you know what makes these two look fabulous and rundown-worthy? their very beautiful marriage which has stood the test of time, groupies, and kids. this is something to aspire to.


politics and fashion continue to make beautiful bed fellows as urban style bible, vibe, puts barak obama on the cover of it's 14th annual juice issue. i love this times 1000. i don't know if i'll be voting for him. but he looks really good and dresses really well. are there any other qualifications for presidency besides this!? yes. but there shouldn't be.


another one for the something new files! because i know many of you are budding fashionista's who aspire to be writers, designers, and pr execs in fashion - i have decided to interview the best of the best in the industry ( and ofcourse, they are all blaynista's!) to find out the what, where, and how of working - and getting work - in the fashion industry. they are labled "career chronicles." our first profile is ms. charreah jackson, a young woman i fell in total love with when i met her at a panel discussion weeks ago. i followed up witih her for the scoop on her job as editorial assistant for read and enjoy!

find out how YOU can be this happy at your job too!

Name: Charreah Katie Jackson

Age: 22 (I’m an Aquarius:)
Title: Editorial Assistant
How did you get your job: Well, as a senior in high school I decided I wanted to be the editor in chief of Honey Magazine. Though Honey folded throughout college I was on my campus newspaper staff and freelanced and interned all I could. Last summer I was in the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) intern program. I got my first choice of Essence. I was in the entertainment department and had the time of my life! After that summer I kept in touch with everyone (one thing I always did as an intern was try and meet everyone in the office not just your supervisor) . . .okay, we’re being real right Zandile? By “kept in touch” I mean “stalked with a smile:).” I met the online editor in one of my office visits when I would come to NY from DC and made sure to stay connected with her as I knew Time Inc who Essence is owned by was stepping up its web presence. On my last stalker visit in May I learned the online editorial department has a few openings. I know I was blessed to be in the right place at the right time. But you have to do your part to strategically place yourself:)
What do you love about your job: whew! I love the beautiful and fly staff. I love the fast pace. As a commitment-phobe I was drawn to journalism because it’s constantly changing and you’re always doing something new. Though I’m a magazine girl at heart, the web is definitely the future and I am excited to be a part of its continued growth. I love that readers feel a part of the staff and tell you what they really think. I love the opportunity to learn and grow and nurture my craft with the best and brightest (shameless plug . . .if you get a second check my latest post,16109,1643539,00.html:)
Advice for others: uhm, do everything with a smile because people can train you to do things if you have the right attitude and “fit” the environment but they can’’t change your attitude. Scary lesson I learned but great to know. Also, perception is reality . . .look alive! But most importantly, START NOW! If you want to write you should be writing . . .NOW! Don’t be intimidated by your age or inexperience, trust me, you have you what it takes! If there’s a person you idolize get on their calendar for lunch asap. As you can see, I’m a big dreamer, but only because I know they come true!
What you love about the blayreport: Besides the fact that she holds it down for deep brown girls? SHE ROCKS!!!!! And by rocks I means is smart as hell, lives life the way it should be lived and does a great job with this blog.
What I don’t like? She makes me look bad by updating so much:) But feel free to check out my less-updated blog:


madonna rocking a look from her latest h+m collection. honestly, i didn't love those clothes. they looked dated. (

wow, i guess those of us in the united states had no clue about these ads. at least i didn't. but according to, her madgesty's television spots for the madonna collection sold at h+m were so controversial that the u.k's advertising standards authority had to review them. the ads show madonna watching a young woman as she is whipped and stripped by two men. critics said the ads encourage pedophilia. but according to folks involved with the ad the girl is actually 24 years old. okay. but the ad still doesn't sound sexy or fashionable. what the fug madonna!?


okay, would you buy this? really? (

remember that movie!? i digress. so neiman marcus is on the heels of it's very hot and very haute 100th year anniversary gala, which will take place in dallas, texas. according to fashion week daily, some of the v.i.p's who will be there to celebrate include (tentatively) john galliano, jean paul gaultier and christian louboutin. in honor of the pending party, louboutin is debuting the trashtastic bootie above. (sorry me no likey.) it is retailing for $1735. even for texas, this is a bit much.


okay, blaynista's, i am trying this out and you have to let me know if you care. going forward, i plan on regularly listing who's been hired, fired, and promoted (or demoted) in the fashion pr and media world. if you care about what's written in the blayreport - chances are you will care about these moves as well, because you are in that world. let me know if you love it or want me to leave it along. ALL INFORMATION BELOW IS COURTESY OF FASHIONWEEKDAILY.COM!

*Ian Wagasky, formerly at Judith Agisim Associates, has been named executive assistant to Fern Mallis, senior vice president of IMG Fashion.

*Marisa Drucks, currently executive assistant to Fern Mallis, senior vice president of IMG Fashion, is leaving to join The Wall Group, where she will work with Brooke Wall in the same capacity.

*Zanna Roberts has been promoted to senior fashion editor at Marie Claire. She was previously fashion editor there.

*Ning Chao, formerly beauty editor at In Style, is now senior beauty editor at Marie Claire. Kahlana Barfield, formerly assistant editor at In Style, has been named associate beauty editor.

*Jaimee Zanzinger has been named executive editor, special projects at Real Simple. She had been editor there.

*Rachel Hardage has been named executive editor, special projects at Real Simple. She had been editor there.

*Jenny Bailly, beauty director at Cosmopolitan, has left the magazine.

*Ruthie Fonseca, an assistant to People StyleWatch accessories editor Regina Delgado Gardiner, has left. Succeeding her is Christine Cruz.

*Peter Waldman has been named senior writer at Condé Nast Portfolio. He had been foreign correspondent at Wall Street Journal.

*Rebecca Dana has left the New York Observer and joined the Wall Street Journal.


peter som. now of bill blass. (pic by patrick mcmullen/

tina knowles, beyonce's mom and former stylist, is launching her own clothing collection called ms. tina on the home shopping network. it debuts august 19th. i will be watching, but not buying. (
stella mccartney is set to launch her own lingerie line. her first collection, spring 2008, is coming out sometime this fall. loves it! (

azzedine alaia, just bought back his namesake label from prada spa. no word on how much he shelled out for his own name/brand. (

bill blass, ltd picked peter som as creative director of it's womenswear division and michael bastien as creative director of it's menswear. good luck fellas. (fashion week daily)
womens wear daily says six-figure priced watches are the new status symbol!? urf!! gimme a water front condo and a mercedez benze g-wagon and bump that watch. get the full scoop online at but come back to the blayreport! (

oh no! even the fashion world is coming for michael vick. nike and reebok have pulled all merchandise associated with the fallen football hero off sports shelves. damn. was it worth it vick? (

Saturday, July 28, 2007


this photo of trina getting ready at a shoot for her latest album has been on the web for a while. but hey, it's a slow fassip day, so why not talk about her - i mean, her style. i am torn between loving and hating this look. i love it because although that assymetrical, "edgy" cut is so last month (rhianna and all the girls on my block have already tapped this), it looks very refreshing and modern on trina. the dress is whatever, but again for trina, and on trina, it looks pretty good. and maybe , that's why i hate the look. for a comeback album shoot, you shouldn't give "pretty good" or simply "refreshing." this is trina. she should be giving, sexy, diva, glam, trashtastic. do i want too much?

Friday, July 27, 2007


don't love this spread, but i do love alexis' last name though. (

i love black love like the next one. and don't care either way about west and alexis. but this spread in harpers bazaar i feel some sort of way about. the text on the page refers to their "pop chic." but i gotta say blaynista's, stacks of louis vuitton, a black suit, and a ball gown does not a pop or chic life make. true, genuine, un-affected style is much, much more subtle. every blaynista/fashionista knows this.


she's fast becoming a style icon for me. (dlisted.)

do i have a j.lo obsession i don't know about? out of all the good and bad dressers out there, i am constantly including her in the rundown. oh well! she's just that good. today marks her third run in the rundown - and this is my favorite appearance yet. i love the warm feminine color of this dress, and the flowing cascades of fabric. plus her hair and make up is impeccable!


are you paying $1.50 for tap water from detroit? (

listen, i stick to to clothes and beauty on this blog - but let's talk water for a second. did you know that dasani and aquafina are tap water?! tap water! guy's it's tap water. i can't believe this. i just ready it on not only is evian the most stylish water ( i drink mine out of an old fashioned evian glass bottle) it's also the most honest. just how i like my fashionable pieces!


max azria, who is being honored in l.a., sandwhiched between two beauties. tinsley mortimer is on the right. (

guys, did you know this existed? i had no idea. well, fashion week daily just announced that the annual los angeles awards, now going into their third year, have announced their honorees. the most well known one is max azria, who is being given the wells fargo centuray fashion achievement award. the website says, "Other award recipients include DailyCandy LA, who was named the Fashion Communication Award Winner, and Bravo’s hit reality TV show Project Runway, which was selected for the Inspiration Award. Moss Adams Fashion Innovator Award nominees include Jasmin Shokrian, Juan Carlos Obando, Rami Kashou, and Thomas Wylde designer Paula Thomas. Marketing Excellence Award nominees include BCBG Max Azria, Guess by Marciano, Kitson, and L.A. Eyeworks, while American Rag Cie, Fred Segal, Lisa Kline, and The Way We Wore are all contenders for the Fashion Retailer of the Year Award."


anne hathaway with sienna miller who is wearing her new line. (
savannah miller, co-designer of the line Twenty8Twelve, also wearing one of her pieces. (

it's finally here! do you care? the miller sisters, sienna and savannah, have formally - and finally - launched their line Twenty8Twelve last night at the rooftop of the gramercy park hotel in new york city. the star studded even drew lots of celebs, anne hathaway and rachel zoe, and family members, their mom jo miller. the 80 piece line will be sold this fall at neiman marcus and bergdof goodman.


is this your new favorite bag?

permira, the private equity fund, which held a gangsta takeover for valentino this past may now has the official goahead to have a "controlling interest" in the luxury line. u.s antitrust regulators just cleared the deal. antitrust regulators in the u.k cleared it on july 18th. (

stuart vevers is the new designer for loewe, the legendary spanish label which is known for it's leather goods and was aquired by luxury conglomorate, lvmh. (

jay-z is set to debut a swaggerlicious (YOU READ THAT WORD HERE FIRST!) ad campaign for rocawwear titled "i willl not lose." it will hit media outlets on august 15th. ('s, leisa barnett, writes that pringle's new "louisa" back is th e next hot ish. personally, i don't cosing. pleather was never my speed. even in the 90s. (

gap has a new ceo, glenn murphy. will this work? i hope so! (


the pink two piece is packed! the camera is ready! and all my outfits are pre-coordinated, starched and ready to go! blaynista's , the next few days will find me at the kaan'a boutique resort in the heart of the jungles in belize. i am working on a travel piece for a few publications including jewel magazine and the huffington post. check back between now and next week for updates to the fabulous blayreport, but if you don't see anything - you understand. momma is hustling in the jungle. love you! miss you already! will be back with lots of photos! zb.


a piece from tempests graduate collection. (
talk about rising from the ashes. diesel damn near makes tragedy look trendy with it's haute aproach to the damage of it's london store by fire. after a brief pause to rebuild, they are launching a fierce reopening on august 3rd, which will feature the work of ul.k's new fashion sensation: willliam tempest. the recent university graduate has designed a dislpay for the store which will feature actual wreckage from the fire that destroyed it the first time around. vogue is already in love with him and quotes him online as saying: "Expect life-size origami aliens, spaceships and futuristic denims. It has been an amazing experience to work with the Diesel team and the store will also exhibit garments from my graduate collection Noir Style." must be be nice.


carolyn murph: sexy and smart and the new face for seven! (

and the models continue to get paid. who said model's were dumb? mega model carolyn murphy shows some serious business savvy with her new deal. she is the brand new face of 7 for all mankind jeans. the california beauty was recently shot in l.a's legendary roosevelt hotel by equally legendary fashion photographer, patrick demarchelier. the ads will co-starmale model, tyson ballou as well as seven's fresh new line of shoes and accessories.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


an exterior shot of the money-making store. (

those bergdof blonds sure do know how to spend. acording to, the store reached $500 million dollars in sales for the first time in it's fiscal history. the mileston was reached at noon on july 19th. must be nice for bergdof's and those commission based sales associates.


an ad for the faconnable line. (

wow. and the sales don't stop. what is it about this summer? companies are selling off fashion brands like the gap sells khaki's: quick and cheap. the latest victim is facconable which, according wwd, was just sold by nordstroms for 210 million to the M1 Group, a company based in lebanon that's "seeking to build a porfolio of luxury and fashion brands." well good for all involved. but is it just me or is 210 million a bit cheap for a line like faconnable? there are plots of land in manhattan that cost more than that.


an item from the karen millen collection.(

if you've ever shopped at forever 21, joyce leslie, or h+m ( i am very guilty on all three counts) then you know the deal: low end retailers copy from high-end designers - and high-end stores- all the time. well the buck stops here, at least for three stores in ireland. according to wgsn, karen millen, whistles, and coast , all based in ireland and owned by the same company, are suing dunnes stores for allegedly selling knockoff versions oftheir clothing at a much cheaper price. the case is set to go to trial in october and the outcome could be bad for dunnes. if the three stores win, which seems likely according to an expert in the case, then the three designers will win legal protection of their designs for at least three years.


an exterior shot of deakin university in australia, where the research was done (

ever heard of photocromatic technology? ummm i haven't either. but itmay just be the new rage. accoding to wgsn, researchers in australia, led by phd student tony chen, have just developed a way to block harmful uv rays in wool fabrics. this means we can look forward to coats, sweaters, and chic knee length winter dresses that do double-duty of making us keeping us cute and cancer free (what more could a fashinista want!?) the only draw back - or benefit - ? the fabric changes colors. so far white fabrics which have been tested change to blue or red

Wednesday, July 25, 2007



i was done blogging for the day, but i had to log back on to show yall this: ameries's fabulous outfit. yes, she looks like a million bucks. or at least $16, 429 bucks. but actually, that's a gap dress that retails for under $50 and is in stores now, and she's paired it fabulously with a luxe balenciaga bag. that's how you mix high and low-end. loves it times 16,429.


jolie in a fall ad for st. john's knits. (

how else can one describe this iconic knitwear label. st.john's, which is worn and loved by wealthy ladies who lunch, is now celebrating it's 45th anniversary. after trying several techniques to resuscitate their fab - firing longtime spokesmodel, kelly gray, hiring brand new spokesmodel, angelina jolie - the brand is finally seeing an upswing in it's profit margin, according to today's "Sales are up and our wholesale partners are pleased,'' interim chief executive officer Bruce Fetter said in the article. "The customer has been responding well to pre-fall and we've seen that through interaction and improved sell-through." They are hoping the good vibes will rub off on their planned product launches in the near future for fragrances, eyeglasses and more.



blaynista's this is how you do fabulous family. they make being a baby daddy, baby momma, and big ass baby (isn't he too big to be held) look really good. i almost can't wait till my turn. on both posh and becks the jeans look marvelous. the cuts are skinny not stifling and same goes for their casual tees. but no matter how simple the look, their swagger is giving "i am rich and famous," which is what makes it all so fab. loves it times 1,000,000,000.


j. lo on the cover of....(see below to see which pub.)

group chief executive, gianluca brozzetti, of the high end asprey abruptly quit after six years. (

designer alber elbaz is launching a line of porceline, minature dolls, that will be dressed in his upcoming fall collection. these pretty little things will sell for a not so attractive price of $345 a piece. (

tommy hilfiger will present the prestigious annabelle award at stella fashion night in zurich this coming fall. the winner gets an internship with tommy hilfiger among other fab things. (

jennifer lopez will be the new face of fashion rocks, the fashionable insert that is included in many of conde nast magazines fall issues. (

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


can't really say i like this. looks like it hurts. (

no blaynistas. this is not what you are thinking! instead it is a dazzling 4-inch stilleto shoe which incorporates jimmy choo's trademark "jewelry on the foot" design. the shoe, which is being launched to coincide with claire danes' latest movie of the same name, "star dust" does not actually appear in the film. according to, it retails for $850 and will be available in the u.s next month and world wide in october.


striking. (

super model. fashion icon. mom. now you can add photographer to the list of roles the dynamic helena christenson has. according to, she just debuted a collection of photographs she shot herself titled " a quiet story." the photos are mostly personal ones she shot of family, friends and landscapes. it is currently on display at the hotel arena in new york city. it will be there until august 15th and might move to other cities. stay tuned.


philip lim, one of the finalists for the award. (

vogue magazine and cfda (council of fashion designers of america) have announced the finalists for their legendary and much sought after fashion fund award. the lucky winner will get lots of press, a $200,000 prize to go towards their company. according to fashion week daily, the winner will be announced november 15th at the 7th on sale gala. finalists include:

  • Erin Fetherston of Fetherston Design Group

  • Phillip Lim of 3.1 Phillip Lim

  • Rogan’s Rogan Gregory

  • Philip Crangi of Philip Crangi Jewelry

  • Scott Sternberg of Band of Outsiders

  • Threeasfour’s Gabriel Asfour, Angela Donhauser, and Adi Gil

  • Nunthirat Koi Suwannagate of Koi

  • Vena Cava’s Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai

  • Victoria Bartlett of VPL

  • Michael Bastian


sounds gross, but i love this title for quick bits of fashion gossip. read on.....

diane von furstenberg is opening a string of boutiques in europe. note 1, not 2, not 3. but 5. AND is launching dvf shoes next spring. only she could do it.

beloved menswear designer, thom browne, known for his sharp tailored suits is formally launching a womenswear capsule collection according to

japan's fast retailing corporation, aka owners of uniqlo, have until august 11th to see complete their bid for barney's new york

versace just opened it's latest store in taiwan.


view of greenwhich ave. (

maybe this wealthy connecticut town should be added to the list of ultra exclusive fashion mecca's. according to an article in today's womens wear daily, the millions of dollars pumped into their economy by the hedge fund managers who live and work there has motivated luxury and fashion forward retailers are moving there in droves. in addition to gucci and prada, stores like zara, rugby, scoop and sephora are moving into the town and taking residence on the main street, greenwhich avenue, which used to house mostly antique shops. one quote in the multi-page feature caught my attention: "We have clients who come in daily," said Joel Warren, a partner in the salon (warren-tricomi). "It sounds a little opulent and over-the-top, but people work hard and make a lot of money and deserve to be taken care of. People like to feel finished. That carefree feeling doesn't exist [in Greenwich]. Carefree hair doesn't go with the lifestyle." must be nice.....


...just kidding. it rhymed. had to do it. now on to today's chicness.
this is how you do casual chic. jennifer lopez looks simply amazing in puerto rico, where photogs caught her as she was busy publicizing her new movie, el cantante which will debut august 8th. she flawlessly pulls off a new (old) trend, flared jeans, which are coming back in a big way. the chunky heels she wears (they peep from underneath the hem of the jeans) balance out the fullness of the bottom and that bold printed shirts sets it off. i love the bag. it says i'm fab, but i'm still all business. i live for this outfit.
and now for some tasty tackiness: deelishis and buckeey at flava flav's comedy central roast. you gotta give it to these girls - they look good! why? despite the oodles of spandex, trashtastic length and lace front wigs - they know what style formula works for them, and their bodies, and they stick to it.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


blaynista's momma is hustling hard in preparation for my move to london hence the lack of love. but stick with me and keep checking me every day (it only takes eight seconds to log on! i timed it!) if you don't see a post tomorrow come back on the weekend for a week in review. love ya!



blaynista's: credit, where credit is due. and after calling serena williams out for looking like a hot mess in the first ever rundown - i have to applaud her for looking superb in this latest one. what works so well tin this look? why EVERYTHING my dears. the weave is seamless (is it even a weave?) the dress is short and sexy - yes - but still hits her at the right length so that it is also flattering (not slutty.) i love the color on her because it is subtle and sophisticated - just like her makeup. loves it times a thousand.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


lydia hearst in the latest ad campaign for puma. (

well, i guess it's the season of takeovers. yet another label as been bought out by a corporation. this time the company is none other than the third largest sports brand in the world: puma. the german label just got bought out by ppr, the french luxury label conglomerate, just bought a controlling stake in puma, and now own 62.1% stake of the company. they bought their shares from a private equity firm at $454.94 a share. that's a tidy little profit for whoever owned them.


sisters monica and penelope cruz look absolutely fabulous!

this - i love. penelope and her sister monica absolutely glowed in their all black ensemble. i want to big-up their lovely off-the shoulder dresses, but i r think what makes this picture sing is actually the grooming. yes blaynista's the grooming. notice the clear, beautiful bronzed skin and the softly tousled hair. goes to show you that good fashion has as much to do with prepping as it does with dressing. (ooh that sounds catchy!)


so guess who is rocawear's new model? none other than ci-ci herself. she will be modelling pieces for their fall collection for the labels latest campaign.iwonder what her boyfriend, and g-unit clothing owner, 50 Cent thinks of this deal. but i digress....i love the idea of this athletic, sexy r&b singer modeling for this "street" label, but. don't know how into the execution i am....

Monday, July 16, 2007


blaynista's, i couldn't do just one today. get in.....
i've never felt compelled or motivated to refer to katie holmes as fab. never. but today she has earned that title. in a recent photo of her and her baby suri, she is looking every inch the "a-list" hollywood wife. get into the tousled hair, over-sized glasses, sexy trency, and the hottest accessory of the season: a beautiful baby. loves it!

they tried so hard, but tori and her boo just can't get it right. i like the dress and she puts it together well, but that super sloppy skirt + shirt her husband, dean, has on, just pulls her down. dean: try harder.

i don't know about this. eva's dress definitely doesn't look awful, but i can't say it looks amazing either. the whole thing sort of looks/feels forgettable. see more pics at ohnotheydidn' or
this is how this is how you do it son. t.i/tip (pick your alias) looks absolutely fabulous. the suit fits just right, and his pocket square is perfectly positioned and adds an urbane touch to the overall look. loves it!
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