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Monday, July 30, 2007


so just on pure g.p, i decided to overload you all on celebs for today's rundown. all pictures are from read and enjoy!

i love this look for ashanti. the hair looks sophisticated and that summer dress is just how i like it: short, bright, and sexy. even her clear, thong, flats are a hit. let's hope the same can be said for her album when it drops.

the posture is awful. but besides that, what's not to love in this photo of naomi campbell at the grammy foundation gala event. i love the mettalic armor detail on the dress and those shoes are a perfect compliment.
clearly, a big bootie does not a beautiful back shot make. super high stilletto heels can have the same dayum effect. case in point: victoria "posh spice" beckham's over-dressed fabulousness on recent shopping trip with her haute husband. becks looks good, and ofcourse, queen latifah is beautiful, even when dressed as a commoner. but both pale next to posh.

way to capitalize on being a jail bird. yes, ja rule definitely got bail. but i def don't think it's too fly that you had to put your new jersey mansion up to make it. just my humble opinion. blaynista's know that i love being financial fabulous as i do being fashionably so. ja rule looks good in this witty tee - but is it really all good financially? just asking.....

no. it's not the clothing. on swizz's wife, mashonda, that dress looks very average and oversold (i think joyce leslie, forever 21, and ever "boutique" in soho sells it.) and that polo hat looks whatever on swizz. but do you know what makes these two look fabulous and rundown-worthy? their very beautiful marriage which has stood the test of time, groupies, and kids. this is something to aspire to.

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