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Monday, July 30, 2007


this pic is pure genius for political science + fashion majors like myself. (

okay, so how gangsta and uber fashionable is this? former president of the former soviet union, mikhail s. gorbachev in the new ad campaign for louis vuitton. i am so into this photo that i want to make it my screen saver for everything. as eric wilson of the new york times writes, this photo is part of an upcoming ad campaign by vuitton and will be featured in major fashion ads this fall. it was shot by premier fashion photographer, annie liebowitz ( who will shoot me one day, i promise you!) several other celebs will be featured in these campaigns as well, including retired tennis star, andre aggassi and legendary movie actress catherine deneuve. wilson had harsh words for gorbachev though, saying " Of the group, Mr. Gorbachev appears the least comfortable. He is holding on to a door handle, as if the bag contained polonium 210." that may be wilson, but him and the bag look that much more political and posh for it. i loves this. thank you to blayreport correspondent omar ibn abdullah for sending this my way.

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