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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


in front of the niketown in chicago. coun't how many black employees you see. mmmhmmmm.

uh uh! does nike hate black people!!!???? according to a news clip in today's wgsn, the retail giant was sued by 400 black employees at it's niketown store in chicago. in a class action suit the group filed in 2003, they alleged discrimination against black workers. of course nike denied it, but that didn't stop them from making a payout of 7.6 million dollars. the money will be paid out to black workers who worked there dating back to 1999. why would nike bite the hand that feeds it!? black people buy more air force ones and jordan's than anyone in the world.

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Nell said...

aww, i love you. We as black people always count the number of other black people we see. Seriously, I would love to know if any other races do it! But, no for real?!!? Where my brothas and sistas at?!!?

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