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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


view of greenwhich ave. (

maybe this wealthy connecticut town should be added to the list of ultra exclusive fashion mecca's. according to an article in today's womens wear daily, the millions of dollars pumped into their economy by the hedge fund managers who live and work there has motivated luxury and fashion forward retailers are moving there in droves. in addition to gucci and prada, stores like zara, rugby, scoop and sephora are moving into the town and taking residence on the main street, greenwhich avenue, which used to house mostly antique shops. one quote in the multi-page feature caught my attention: "We have clients who come in daily," said Joel Warren, a partner in the salon (warren-tricomi). "It sounds a little opulent and over-the-top, but people work hard and make a lot of money and deserve to be taken care of. People like to feel finished. That carefree feeling doesn't exist [in Greenwich]. Carefree hair doesn't go with the lifestyle." must be nice.....

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