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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


...just kidding. it rhymed. had to do it. now on to today's chicness.
this is how you do casual chic. jennifer lopez looks simply amazing in puerto rico, where photogs caught her as she was busy publicizing her new movie, el cantante which will debut august 8th. she flawlessly pulls off a new (old) trend, flared jeans, which are coming back in a big way. the chunky heels she wears (they peep from underneath the hem of the jeans) balance out the fullness of the bottom and that bold printed shirts sets it off. i love the bag. it says i'm fab, but i'm still all business. i live for this outfit.
and now for some tasty tackiness: deelishis and buckeey at flava flav's comedy central roast. you gotta give it to these girls - they look good! why? despite the oodles of spandex, trashtastic length and lace front wigs - they know what style formula works for them, and their bodies, and they stick to it.

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