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Monday, July 30, 2007


another one for the something new files! because i know many of you are budding fashionista's who aspire to be writers, designers, and pr execs in fashion - i have decided to interview the best of the best in the industry ( and ofcourse, they are all blaynista's!) to find out the what, where, and how of working - and getting work - in the fashion industry. they are labled "career chronicles." our first profile is ms. charreah jackson, a young woman i fell in total love with when i met her at a panel discussion weeks ago. i followed up witih her for the scoop on her job as editorial assistant for read and enjoy!

find out how YOU can be this happy at your job too!

Name: Charreah Katie Jackson

Age: 22 (I’m an Aquarius:)
Title: Editorial Assistant
How did you get your job: Well, as a senior in high school I decided I wanted to be the editor in chief of Honey Magazine. Though Honey folded throughout college I was on my campus newspaper staff and freelanced and interned all I could. Last summer I was in the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) intern program. I got my first choice of Essence. I was in the entertainment department and had the time of my life! After that summer I kept in touch with everyone (one thing I always did as an intern was try and meet everyone in the office not just your supervisor) . . .okay, we’re being real right Zandile? By “kept in touch” I mean “stalked with a smile:).” I met the online editor in one of my office visits when I would come to NY from DC and made sure to stay connected with her as I knew Time Inc who Essence is owned by was stepping up its web presence. On my last stalker visit in May I learned the online editorial department has a few openings. I know I was blessed to be in the right place at the right time. But you have to do your part to strategically place yourself:)
What do you love about your job: whew! I love the beautiful and fly staff. I love the fast pace. As a commitment-phobe I was drawn to journalism because it’s constantly changing and you’re always doing something new. Though I’m a magazine girl at heart, the web is definitely the future and I am excited to be a part of its continued growth. I love that readers feel a part of the staff and tell you what they really think. I love the opportunity to learn and grow and nurture my craft with the best and brightest (shameless plug . . .if you get a second check my latest post,16109,1643539,00.html:)
Advice for others: uhm, do everything with a smile because people can train you to do things if you have the right attitude and “fit” the environment but they can’’t change your attitude. Scary lesson I learned but great to know. Also, perception is reality . . .look alive! But most importantly, START NOW! If you want to write you should be writing . . .NOW! Don’t be intimidated by your age or inexperience, trust me, you have you what it takes! If there’s a person you idolize get on their calendar for lunch asap. As you can see, I’m a big dreamer, but only because I know they come true!
What you love about the blayreport: Besides the fact that she holds it down for deep brown girls? SHE ROCKS!!!!! And by rocks I means is smart as hell, lives life the way it should be lived and does a great job with this blog.
What I don’t like? She makes me look bad by updating so much:) But feel free to check out my less-updated blog:


queen-to-be said...

thanks girl!!!! Blayreport is FAB!

queen-to-be said...

thanks girl!!!! Blayreport is FAB!

Anonymous said...

Nice fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.

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