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Monday, July 16, 2007


blaynista's, i couldn't do just one today. get in.....
i've never felt compelled or motivated to refer to katie holmes as fab. never. but today she has earned that title. in a recent photo of her and her baby suri, she is looking every inch the "a-list" hollywood wife. get into the tousled hair, over-sized glasses, sexy trency, and the hottest accessory of the season: a beautiful baby. loves it!

they tried so hard, but tori and her boo just can't get it right. i like the dress and she puts it together well, but that super sloppy skirt + shirt her husband, dean, has on, just pulls her down. dean: try harder.

i don't know about this. eva's dress definitely doesn't look awful, but i can't say it looks amazing either. the whole thing sort of looks/feels forgettable. see more pics at ohnotheydidn' or
this is how this is how you do it son. t.i/tip (pick your alias) looks absolutely fabulous. the suit fits just right, and his pocket square is perfectly positioned and adds an urbane touch to the overall look. loves it!

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