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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


jolie in a fall ad for st. john's knits. (

how else can one describe this iconic knitwear label. st.john's, which is worn and loved by wealthy ladies who lunch, is now celebrating it's 45th anniversary. after trying several techniques to resuscitate their fab - firing longtime spokesmodel, kelly gray, hiring brand new spokesmodel, angelina jolie - the brand is finally seeing an upswing in it's profit margin, according to today's "Sales are up and our wholesale partners are pleased,'' interim chief executive officer Bruce Fetter said in the article. "The customer has been responding well to pre-fall and we've seen that through interaction and improved sell-through." They are hoping the good vibes will rub off on their planned product launches in the near future for fragrances, eyeglasses and more.

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