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Monday, February 25, 2008


t-magazine's cover art announcing their collabo with colette

paris - i'm sure you've heard of collette, the wonderfully "curated" fashion boutique in paris. if you haven't don't fret. it's only recently that i got turned on to this venerable style institution that is house on the rue honoree in paris. they are acclaimed the world over by fashionistas for a dazzling selection of art, books, and fashion. from today until march 1st, new york times is collaborating with them for T, their style magazine. colette dish on all that's haute in paris, from fashion to parties and will also be posting on T magazine's blog: the moment. sounds like a fun concept as well as a flimsy stab at cross promotion.

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Anonymous said...

i ove colette! it's the best store ever!

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