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Monday, February 25, 2008


london (by way of new york) - so blaynistas! my wonderful fashionista friend, (college roommate!) and resident accessories guru at nieman marcus, patricia batista, and i were chatting about the bafta's a few days ago. as usual, her commentary is so fabulous, i thought i would share with you all. i know it's been days since the ceremony. but it's never too late to read a fresh take on old news is it? check out her memo to you all below.... (p.s MAJOR PROPS to this brilliant blog i just discovered, and got the pics from:

From: The Desk of Patricia Batista To: The Fabulous Readers of The Blay Report Re: BAFTA'S

from top, kylie minogue, abigail clancy and kate nash, lead the brigade of short dresses at the baftas. ofcourse, not all enjoyed equal success...

WOW! I totally thought that there would be more press coverage on this event! Especially on the fashion end...que paso? Does the world not have any interest in the individuality that IS London fashion? Here goes...

Apparently the universal themes of this red carpet were LOOOOONG GAMS! and hiked up hemlines. If you've got em'...why not flaunt 'em! Leave it to the Brits to trade in a classic couture gown for mini dresses made of socially oppressed fabrics.
So here are my three favorites, or should I say favorites:
When in doubt, wear black...just make sure it sparkles! That is exactly what the "Locomotion" Queen did with this simple Vicky Tiel mini dress. A very safe choice...but a glamorous one nonetheless...and yes...the diamonds help...A LOT! Also, is it the dress or has Kylie suddenly developed some curves...regardless... she looks amazing.

i already noted how much i love this dress on k.rowland. trisha has her thoughts too...

Kelly Rowland
and her controversial ostrich feather and metallic mesh dress were a huge hit in my book. So what if it looked as though she she was being engulfed by a feather duster...she looked marvelous doing so and that is what this fashion thing is all about. How did she pull it off you ask? Well, she is in great shape for a micro-mini dress...her legs go on for days...and she was wearing LOUBS! need I say more?

( Z, I'm not sure of the designer but Rihanna was wearing the same dress on the cover of Britain's YOU magazine, November 2007. I attemped to look up the fashion creds for that issue but I wasn't able to come by anything)

trish loved this look on rihanna! me? not so much....

Once again my top pick would have to be "Little Miss Sunshine" herself in a gleaming Dolce&Gabbana number. I loved the contrast between the structure and the femininity of the dress. It's amazing what one little bow in the right place can do! This piece could've been terribly overstyled...but clearly somebody's styling team is on their P's and Q's! Her hair looks fresh and new...her jewelry is subtle...and she traded her earrings for strappy Loubs. Not to mention, that I am sooooo glad that she wore gold jewelry...a fashion "rule" that definitaley needs to be nixed. These two precious metals look great together!

Roomie..sorry if it's the same three people everyone talked about but they were the only ones that really got any press! Although, I really did love their looks..but anywho...Don't you worry...the Oscars are on this Sunday and I am all over it! Hope all is well across the pond! Stay Gorgeous!


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