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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


world wide - just wanted you to feast your eyes on these dynamic pieces. they are pulled from the frank gehry collection for tiffany's. as you may know, gehry is the legendary american architect whose bold aesthetic has earned him praise in all areas of design and tiffany's is's. the wonderful, amazing, jeweller where i am getting my engagement ring and all my jewelry for that matter, from. (a girl can dream, can't she). they partnered up almost two years ago at this point to create this dynamic line which ranges from rings to vases and bowls. it's worth going on the tiffany's website to check out the full collection. some of these pieces are also quite affordable. there are rings and vases for $175 u.s dollars, but ofcourse price points spiral into the thousands. either way, it's worth it. i am not a big jewelry girl myself, but i find these pieces beautiful and lust-worthy. thanks to, where i got my photos.

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