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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


a photo of blanks from 2007 i believe. i will be rocking that same hair color soon. please stay tuned! (thanks to for pic)

world wide - as i am in london immersing myself in fashion at central saint martins, i have been doing my fair share of reading runway reviews. nicole phelps, sarah mower, and suzy menkes are some of the bylines i keep coming against time after time. (believe you me, one day the name zandile blay will be added to this list). however, whenever i come across the name tim blanks, i get even more excited. this new zealand born fashion reporter has a brilliant way with words and a keen insight on designers and collections, which i am beginning to love, trust, and look for. everyone loves fashion, but not everyone can explain it particularly well. kudos to mr. blanks for being one of a gifted few.

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