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Thursday, February 21, 2008


milan - this is just a classic case of pictures speaking a thousand words, so i don't have to say much. (BUT I WILL!) overall, i quiet liked the cavalli show, mostly because the designer and his team put forth a hearty effort. but to what end? after checking out all the pieces from, i got the distinct feeling that this fall 2008 cavalli collection was neither distinctly fall or distinctly be the judge. either way, i've conveniently categorized the looks for you so you get my feeling on the pieces...


the looks below were a strong and refreshing take on the glitz, glam and rock and roll chic which cavalli is known and loved for. in these two looks, you see great examples of a designer sticking to his "theme" yet updating it in a fresh and vibrant way. i love them.

THE BAD: english people have a delightful term they use for mass market clothes/retailers and the term is "high street." that's exactly the look and feel of the garments below. seems to me like stores such as h&m, zara's, and perhaps even mango have already done looks like this. it's odd and awkward to see them on the cavalli catwalk. the fabric and craftsmanship might be high end, but the overall look - if you will excuse my bluntness - feels cheap.

THE WTF!?: somebody please have mercy on me and explain how the looks below found their way onto a catwalk, let along the cavalli collection. (listen, cavalli aint no prada, i know. but still!) i hate to casually dismiss a designer's hard work and yet, i must. these pieces show no faithfulness to the glam-chic image which is cavalli, making them look like painfully out of place and misguided ensembles.

THE SIDEBAR: cavalli graces the catwalk with co-designer eva duringer. but readers, doth my eyes deceive me or does his face look tightly lifted and botoxed? maybe i am just on some really good crack. thoughts?
(air kisses to for photos!)


mr. wade 2 u said...
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mr. wade 2 u said...

hey hun...cavalli? i'm still scratchin my head! i joined the blogging world too. check me out :

luv ya

JT said...

I don't understand what happened? Hated it!

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