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Thursday, February 21, 2008


looks like russian-inspired rock-n-roll was at the soul of this collection....(

milan - so is this a trick to save time when designing? not critiquing, just wondering..."russia" was frida giannini's theme for both the gucci menswear collection which showed in january and the fall 2008 womenswear collection which just showed in milan this week. sleek and sexy describes both collections - and for the womens show, i'd add solid as well. knee-high boots are my current obsession (i'm wearing a pair with leather tassles in the back as i write this...) so it was quiet nice to see them promoted as part of the first look in the collection. layers, which usually turn me off, were a consistent theme throughout her show and were done well. from tote bags, to sun glasses, to belts - there were loads of luxurious accessories to lust after as well. i don't usually take note of giannini's collections - or haven't in the past. today signifies a new day....

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JT said...

The 2nd,3rd,and 4th looks are sooooooo DOPE!

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