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Friday, February 22, 2008


london - well, the title says it all. your faithful blogger is typing up a storm. i am on deadline for five pieces right now and am not even close to being done - hence my absence today. but i promise to DEFINITELY blog this evening, so you better come back again, you hear? there's loads of juicy fash news i have my eye on to post, so i'll more than make this up to you. ALSO, blaynista's, can you please explain why most of you think erykah badu for tom ford is a good idea. i think it's horrible. and i thought yall would agree. but i guess i don't know you as well as i thought....comments!? please!


The Eye For Beauty said...

i myself L-O-V-E ms. badu (ever since first meeting her in ATL and at her first showcase and she complimented me on my coat - we were wearing the same faux fur vintage number. heck, i still have my "baduism" incense from the after party) and can see why after not hearing from her or seeing her for four very long years, people would be excited to see hear from her again. and to hear that she'll be the star of tom ford's ads, a luxury brand, must also be exciting to many, at first. i'm also hoping that her soon-to-be released album - after 4 long years - doesn't give her or her management team - a false sense of power. we are talking tom ford and we are talking vision and estee lauder money. however, i am leery about the ads as they will be coming from the mind of tom ford who has is known for having a history of showing women in an overly sexualized way and this is NOT the way that i want to see erykah, music's mother of the earth & real life mother of two. 9 out of 10 (and i'm being generous here) of his past fragrance ads look like hustler on a good day with a good makeup artist, photog and a pretty bottle. hoping that now that he's adding some color - and what color it is with natural hair, revolutionary, mother earth erykah badu - doesn't become a grace jones, venus hottentot situation.

Anonymous said...

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