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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


i simply adore this ring and necklace from damiani. i'm sure the thieves got away with pieces as dynamic as this one and more...

damiani has a diverse celebrity clientele that ranges from sophia loren, above to paris hilton, below. (

i like this picture of p.hilton, who is dripping in damiani jewels. her weave is awesome! (

milan - the blay report in no way shape or form endorses or glamorizes crime - but you've got to hand it to the hoods who devised this brilliant plan to steal from damiani! a group of thieves stole millions of dollars worth of jewels and diamonds from damiani, the luxury jewelry firm which caters to celebs like brad pitt, gwyneth paltrow, and tilda swinton. this was a very innovative heist. apparently the seven "unarmed" men had spent the last several months digging a tunnel into the damiani show room from the building next door, which was under construction. this past week, they entered the damiani showroom through the tunnel they had built and set their plan in motion. they tied up staff members and made off with the jewels which were being prepped for an oscar party. if i were police, i would be torn between applauding these criminals for their dedication and innovation and arresting them. am i the only one who is impressed?

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