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Friday, August 28, 2009


Trippen is a German shoe company that crafts their footwear in a small factory on the outskirts of Berlin and chooses not advertise
germany-  the shoes, designed by Michael Oehler & Angelika Spieth, are made from naturally tanned leather, because they are all so interesting to look at. if black is not your thing, they offer a selection of other colored leather your pair can be made in, like wine, pink, and gray. ok these shoes give me everything i want a need... i love the different kinds of leathers they use,,, and the very blunt or geometric cuts on footwear...these shoes are one breath of fresh air for seeing shoes. these shoes are mainly worn in japan but i can definetly could see any kind of man in new york wearing these.. shoe #1  is very east village. shoe #2  (wedge) gives you a west village moment. shoe #3 is ephermal i really cant with that one, it gives me very williamsburg. the other tree pair i could see anywhere for the trendy guys in midtown or the upper west side. if you want to see the future of mens shoes, i say trippen is pushing the envelope
Terrence Phearse

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