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Monday, May 21, 2007


louis vuitton is one of the many brands which chic will invest in.

i'm not all the way sure if this belongs in the wtf files or in the smart news folder or both. BUT for those of you who invest in the stock market - here is something new to throw your money at: chic mutual fund. chic is the first investment fund in the world dedicated solely to luxury brands. the list of companies they plan to invest in read like a 90's rap video: louis vuitton, gucci, prada, tiffany and porsche. the fund will be floated on the irish stock exchange in early june. those interested in participating have to pony up 5,000 pounds or $9,900. this is the minimum investment requirement.


queen-to-be said...

This IS very interesting. Though I love my bags not sure I want my portfolio (if I have enough stock to even call it that) to rest on the success of the Spring shows. Love the blog and your site's design!

Zandile said...

THANKS SO MUCH! your compliment made my day. and i gotta say, for me....i would love to invest in chic. it's like putting your money where your passion is...

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