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Monday, May 28, 2007


wow. marks & spencer, the fabulous british department store i(and millions of other travelers love) for inexpensive quality goods (think organic chocolate truffles, premium teas, and warm wool sweaters) is introducing a new clothing line to it's already large stable. it will be called exclusive, part of their established high end womens wear line called autograph. according to helen low, a womens wear designer for marks + spencer, these clothes are for those shoppers who want to "be able to buy something their friends haven't got when they get back to their hometowns." is that debt? because that's the only thing i can think of when i see the price points: clothing ranges from $200 to $1400 USD, and shoes from $100 to $250.

i love this look from autograph, available at marks & spencer online. the new high-end line, exclusive, is based on autograph.

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