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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


a model dolls up for the life ball aids charity event

lance bass and alan cummings. no words.

designer, estaban cortazar and socialite tinsley mortimer giving good face.

travis raines, and richie rich of heatherette flank two fab men i don't know and sharon stone in an interesting looking halter dress.

no. we really wish we were there. in case you didn't know how super fab the fashion world can be, check this out: the life ball, europe's largest charity which is targeted at aids awareness, held it's 15th anniversary ball in vienna this weekend. this was no ordinary dinner, drinks, and donations event blaynistas. this was full on, celeb studded, non-stop partying which began before guests even arrived. after a pre-party in new york city last week, celeb guests took a private chartered plan to vienna. yeah, vienna, where the party continued. heatherettes richie rich and travis rains, mya, tinsley mortimer, mario testino, patrick mcmullen. want more? sharon stone, omyrah, sharon stone, and then some were all there for this charity event to beat all charity events - and parties for that matter.

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