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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


of course, my legendary fashion fix column had to get a spinoff! so welcome to beauty fix: same concept, different products. and the first beauty fix goes to....bigelows "my favorite lip balm" lip balm....

t-t-t-tasty-tasty! you'll love this! trust me! (

what: my favorite lip balm (that's the actual name) by bigelows
where: or Bath and Body Works Stores Nationwide
why: because you want- scratch that - need kissable and soft lips that shine,and pop and will taste really good. (i mean that in a purely non-raunchy way ofcourse!) but seriously, i can't say enough about this lip gloss. i own it in spearmint. it gives amazing shine and conditions your lips beautifully.
co$t: $5.50 to $9 (varies based on where you buy)

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