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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


i don't have a definite opinion on this. but the gap sure seems to. according to the daily, gap has hired him to be their executive director of design for gap adult and gap body. robinson has an awesome track record, having designed for armani, paco rabane, anne klein among other places. right now he is working magic at target right now with that capsule collection. but can his mojo (yeah, i used that word. what!?) really move the gap's sagging profit margins? let's see. here's what i think will happen: initally the buzz, and no doubt fab clothing, will create a lot of interest. it's possible that folks outside the new york/l.a. fashion world will care enough to buy the clothes as well. and we will see a slight increase in profits for the gap. then we will be back at square one: slow sales, weak designs, and a totally disinterested buying audience which shops at target, uniqlo and even old navy for the same stuff at a fraction of the price. ofcourse, i hope i am wrong. for patrick's sake.

patrick robinson strikes a pose. hope he's still smiling after he starts at the gap. (patrick mcmullen/

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