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Monday, May 28, 2007


talk about major power moves. with the runaway success of her fragrance, lovely, sarah jessica parker is once again capitalizing on her sex &the city fame with a new clothing line: bitten. (you can see some looks below.) so far, so fashionable. all the pieces look very in season, fresh and fun. but what makes it really stand out from similar pieces you can find at other stores? every single item is $19.99 and under. it will be retailed at steve and barry's, a chain which specializes in cheap clothes by rich people (i.e. their starbury line designed by stephan marbury.) there are 400 looks in this line, which ranges from size 2 to 22 and also includes accessories. from price points to style i love every single thing about this line and i plan to personally be there at sjp's signing in june, reporting live from the scene. stay tuned.

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