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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

BOTTEGA VENETA TAKES JAPAN've heard of bottega veneta right? now i am hoping it's because of your borderline obsession with their well crafted leather goods, and not from a line in g-unit rapper, yayo's song. ("and that bag from bottega veneta cost an arm") the luxury brand, owned by the gucci group, has just opened their largest flagship store in - where else? - japan! luxe brands like chanel and cartier are already in the hood. this brand-new store store is nearly 10,000 square feet and has five floors. you will find the company's full range of jewelry, clothing, leather goods and even home furnishings. they are having a shindig this friday to celebrate the store, which has been open for about a month. tomas maier, creative director for the brand, and some notable models are all set to attend. good times.

leather goods and eyewear (wwd)

the front of the store (wwd)

fine jewelry from bottega veneta on display (wwd)

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