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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


do you read the blayreport? do you love the blayreport? do you want to shamelessly plug yourself and your fab fashion sense on my blog? if you answered yes to one or all of these - then your moment has come! i am launching: blaynista of the week. this is a weekly column that's all about you, your favorite gear and your love for the blayreport. if you are ready for your closeup, send me a jpeg (read:picture) of you in an outfit you love. tell us what you are wearing and why it captures your style and of course why you love the blayreport! send your submission to below is an example of what this will look like,!

striking a pose by my favorite t-shirt. i design and sell these by the way. hint. hint.

my name: zandile yaaba blay-amihere (aka zandile blay)
my story: i was born in ghana, west africa and moved here when i was seven. currently, i am (sorta) based in new york city and work as a freelance fashion writer. i am passionate about my career, my family, my friends, my boyfriend, my self and most importantly my god. there's so much more to know, but so little space to share it, so i'll end it here.
my pic: well, this is the photo i use for damn near everything (including as my profile pic in the top right hand corner.) i would have loved to post a different shot, one that does a better job of exhibiting my style, but alas i can't find one at the moment. i am wearing a satin dress, black polka dot belt and some fierce heels. but i have no idea who the designers were. they were samples brought in my the fierce randal jacobs, a stylist. what i do love about this photo though is that it shows off what i think is my best asset: a great smile.
my style: is all about comfort and color. i live for low-maintenance, high-style pieces like bright, metalic flats ( i am living in my red satin strappy flat sandals right now); short, flowing dress; and roomy all purpose bags (like my ysl muse tribute bag.)
why i love the blayreport: it gives me a platform to talk about the people, places and products i love. even better, it allows me to connect with ultra fab blaynista's like yourself.

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