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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


welcome to a new daily feature on the blayreport: fashion fix, where i highlight a product each day that i know you'll love. from lip balms to fur coats you will find the what, where and price points here. today's fashion fix is: the chloe paddington . see below for all the juicy details on this amazing bag.
the bag in black. i have it in yellow. (photo from

what: chloe paddington bag
where: find good deals online at or
why: oodles of room (i pack hard cover reads, large notebooks, ballet flats, glasses, b'berry's and more in mine.) butter soft leather that only looks better with time and wear. i love this bag and carry it everywhere. it does double duty as a tote for an overnight at my bf's or chic purse for busy evening.
co$t: the most important question! as with all luxury items, prices do vary. but sells them in different colors and sizes for $1500 and below.

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