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Saturday, May 19, 2007


naturally, with the cold, rainy, icky weather outside in new york city, the fashion spotlight turns to accessories. and the most important one of the moment is the umbrella. today, the fashional ( i made this word up) will take a back seat to the functional. so instead of a cute, trendy, umbrella i am going to highlight a strong and sturdy one by a brand recommended by my dear friend and fellow blogger david ( see below for deets.


what: GustBusters Classic Umbrella (no, the name is not sexy. but neither is being sopping wet because of a non-gust busting umbrella.) fyi - it comes in green, pink and navy.
where: for locations near you.
why: because golf champions across the country, distinguished doormen at posh buildings and david hauslaib all use this umbrella. and why? because it really does protect you from sleet, snow, and rain in a very classic way.
co$t: n/a. ask retailer.
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