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Friday, May 04, 2007

Look Like Tom Ford

do you (or more appropriately your boyfriend) want to look tall, tanned, and rich? then, of course, your fashion inspiration is tom ford, the former gucci creative director/designer who quit with a bang a few years ago. well he's back and better than ever ( i think) with his new namesake store: Tom Ford. find it on 845 Madison Avenue at 70th street. if you have $710 to spend on sun glasses, $3,990 to splurge on a coat, or $8,000 to drop on a suit, it's the place for you.

the perpetually handsome, smiling and poised tom ford.

a tastefully appointed section where shoppers can discuss options with staff.

ready-to-wear suits hang on a rack.

tom looks over products with staff.

on the other hand, if you just want to stare at the merchandise and soak in the ambiance ( i know all about this) check it out too. according to horatio silva of the new york times, there's a lot to look at. read his 'critical shopper' review online at

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