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Saturday, May 12, 2007


don't make that face! don't think those thoughts! just get into the latest fashion trend: haute coutoure grocery bags. yes, stateside, we usually prefer paper or plastic. but our uber fashionable european fashionistas conserve energy, and preserve their style with fashion bags designed by folks like stella mccartney, yves saint laurent (can you tell i love this label!?) and trader joes? yes trader joes. so below are my top picks for this category. get into them! (and forgive the lack of pics!)

-hermes, $960. hand-wrought silk bag that collapses into a tiny calfskin pouch. (picture not yet available)

-stella mccartney, $495. made of organic canvas. ofcourse! (i might have to stop eating to get this one. i loves mccartney)

-anya hindmarch $15 (this is already causing a frenzy in london)

-trader joes, $1.99 (for fashionista's on a budget, or with common sense.)

-marni, $843. made of nylon and is foldable. (loves it!)

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