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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Ralph is beaming as he takes a bow after a fashion show in Russia last Tuesday. (wwd)

first, props to wwd for a fab, fab, fab story on ralph lauren's store openings in russia. ( can you tell i'm obsessed with wwd?) according to a story in today's issue, ralph lauren has unveiled two stores in moscow. the first is in downtown moscow, and the second is in the luxury shopping village of barvikha. at first lauren was apprehensive about having a flagship in moscow, thinking the russia's population just wouldn't get it. well, my dear readers, was mr. polo ever wrong. before both stores even opened their door, women were lining up to reserve bags well in advance. we aren't talking $150 leather purses boo. we are talking bags that retail at $20,000 a pop. case in point: one woman muscled her way into the store in advance of the opening to reserve 5 ricky bags on her card. the damage? $100,000. looks like ralph's new stores will do pretty well...

Outside of the Barvikha store. Cute and classy.
fashionista's for real: Lady Gabriella Windsor, Nacho Figueras and model Delphine pose for the camera. All are in Ralph Lauren I assume. (wwd)
ralph in front of the flagship store. excuse me for saying this but i love his body! (wwd)
The luxe womens floor at the flagship store.
Outside of the flagship store in downtown Moscow.

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