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Saturday, May 05, 2007


i know. i thought the same thing when i first saw these pics. but, diamond shaped cut-outs, pleather leather, pony skin, gucci prints, louis vuitton scarves: these are the makings of couture in the "ghetto." and no where is the fashion more fierce than a "prom in da hood." that was the title of a bunch of photos my friend ebony forwarded. i won't lie, some of these dresses (actually most of them) are fugly. but there is something that makes these dresses and pictures beautiful to me. it is that same "something" that makes bob mackie's over-the-top-gowns classics, john galliano's freak show pieces works of art, and alexander mcqueen's overwrought gowns drop dead gorgeous. that "something" is self expression, and that is a sacred, personal and individual thing that should neither be judged or ridiculed. enjoy the rest of these...

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