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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


sorry if this offends you... dog fur, just skinned off the dog. (
do you own this!? so many of us have coats like this and the trim is dog fur! (

i can't even believe i'm blogging on this. was it naive of me to think that cat and dog fur are a thing of the past? according to the european union, it is very much a present and prevalent problem. the coalition of european nations claim that the fur originates mainly from china, where clothing manufacturers mislabel the fur. arlene mccarthy, president of europe's consumer affairs committee told, "many european citizens are unwittingly deceived into buying garments made out of cat and dog fur due to mislabelling. this law will put an end to these deceptive practices." wow so does this mean that there's some truth to dog meat being sold as chicken!? damn!

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