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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

FASHION FIX: mandalay bay hotel

while a hotel is not fashion, it certainly can be fashionable. that's why today's fashion fix is the mandalay bay hotel (yes! it rhymes with my name: zandile blay!). this legendary hotel is renowned for it's ultra posh and luxurious digs like the 550 DR suite is also the place i will be blogging from for the next five days. yes! momma is on her way to vegas for a travel story. look forward to some very interesting pics and stories.

what: 550 DR Deluxe Suite at the Mandalay Bay
where: Mandalay Hotel
why: do you love luxurious living!? well, you will love this: beautiful pool and mountain views, imported granite sinks, flat screen t.v's, and the most heavenly bed you will ever lay on.
co$t: $140 a night (pretty darn affordable, don't ya think!?)

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