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Monday, June 11, 2007


the best selling fendi spy bag. many a fake version has been sold. were some at sam's club? (
we all know new york city's canal street sells the fiercest fakes - but did you know that fendi did too? that's exactly was the luxury label, fendi asserted in their law suit against wal-marts sam club. in 2006, fendi launched a claim that sam's club was selling fake fendi bags and accessories. they have now settled out of court, and even came ou t with a (long) joint statement, saying: "Both Fendi and Sam's Club are committed to the enforcement of intellectual property rights to maintain the value of genuine products. Fendi on its part will continue its campaign to protect its brand name and Sam's Club will continue its commitment to sell quality, genuine products in its clubs." coach tried the same thing with target last year, with much less success. they ended up dropping the law suit.

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