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Monday, June 04, 2007


the fashionable new phone (

today is a very good day to expand on my legendary fashionfix franchise - gadget fix. fashionista's don't just love beauty, clothes, and cosmos. no sir - we also love technological gadgets that make our busy lives easier to manage. so with that said, i'd like to debut our first gadget fix of the season.....the apple iphone.

what: apple iphone
where: please note that it is only available via at&t's wireless division
when: it will debut june 29th!!!!!
why: because apple creates perfect products (or so i've been brainwashed to believe) so we can only assume that their track record will continue with this amazing phone that seems to bring all the applications you need to one sleek, stylish place.
co$t: it will retail between $499 and $599

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