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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


signature cavali dress: full of sex appeal and color.

this has been posted as breaking news all over - and at the blayreport, we will call it the bombshell of the season: roberto cavalli will serve as guest designer for h+m's autumn collection. the designer, who is adored by young fashionista's like beyonce and christina aguilera is scheduled to create menswear, womenswear, as well as lingerie and accessories. according to wgsn, the pieces will be available in around 200 stores world wide. he follows in the footsteps of designers such as stella mccartney and viktor and rolf, both of him have launched (very profitable) collections under h&m. this means two things for us blaynistas, 1) get ready for the fiercest, sexiest, most colorful clothes have ever seen at h&m. 2)get ready for the fiercest battle of your life! i guarantee that when the collection hits clothing stores, lines will start forming at 6 a.m, girls will show up in sneakers and sweatpants, and my especially thugged out readers will come with their hair braided and face greased up in case something other than price tags pops off.

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