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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


a look at the jeans stella mccartney will debut this fall. (

blaynistas! what did i tell you about ethical clothing? the momentum is building quicker and quicker. before you know it every brand will either have a charitable/ethical link or will have a subsidiary that does. but never mind every brand, let's talk about my favorite brand "stella mccartney." the designer, whose namesake label specializes in super feminine super-sexy looks, is now partnering with notify to create jeans for a good cause. the limited line of denims are made with a "rubberized-feeling cotton" according to wwd. they will have no leg seams and are availale in white, purple, and gray. these will retail for $395. she will also feature a classic, high waisted classic blue denim that will retail for $375. these are not my usual price points, but i think it's time to start saving. the jeans debut in november of this year. oh! and the charity/ethical angle? a percentage of the proceeds will go to animal protection charities.

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