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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


diddy in an ad for his unforgivabel fragrance which is pretty much unbeatable. not even my heremes. (

donna karan, who won the hall of fame award at last weeks fifi awards. (, copyright donna karan)

the fifi awards went down last week thursday. and this time, mama scored an invitation to it. (almost). while i was reporting on my aol beauty story debuts (google my name and aol and they will come up) i had the opportunity to interview the execs at the fragrance foundation and sense of smell institute. the fragance foundation oraganizes this annual awards show during which the beauty industry honors the best fragrances on the market. so i was this close. sort of. the event was held at the winter garden at the world financial center in new york city. some of the fab presenters included zac posen, paula abdul, and the fabulous, marvelous, scandalous sean "diddy" combs. with that said, below is the list of winners awarded this year - and my commentary below.

hall of fame award: donna karan. loves her and all her fab jersey dresses. if you don't have body, they will give you body. much body. trust me.

nouveau niche (womens): kenzo kenzoamour. never smelled this, but curious.

nouveau niche (mens): viktor & rolf antidote. their flower bomb fragrance is well...the bomb! so i can imagine how good this smells.

luxe (womens): juicy couture. first, i am gagging that juicy couture is actually considered a luxe fragrance. but no shade - it smells GOOOOOODDDDDDD! (and i never cap words in my sentences. but it's that good yall.)

luxe (mens): it was a tie between hermes terre d'hermes and sean john unforgivable. told yall puffy was marvelous. if you remember nothing else, just remember him tieing with the venerable hermes as the reason why he's hot.

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