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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


naomi doing what she does best: be beautiful.

she's really the last person you would peg for this - but she was the right pick. naomi campbell hosted the launch of the omnipeace by sinorelli t-shirt launch at scoop in new york city this past monday. the stunning runway diva mixed and mingled with guests (really, just the designer of the collection, mary fanaro, since she declined all press.) although she spent only 25 minutes - she made every minute a fabulous one with her amazing hair, gorgeous smile and super tight jeans and alaia heels. but enough about what she wore, let's talk about why she was there: this event is meant to shine the spotlight on Millennium Promise, a non-profit agency which aims to end poverty in subsaharan africa (good luck.) proceeds from sales of the shirt, which retail for $62, go towards this purpose. fabulous host + fabulous cause = fabulous evening. we truly wish we were there for this one.

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