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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


okay, so remember that television appearance on the cw morning show? it was wonderful! i got up at the crack of dawn with my b.f, and took a car from washington heights to midtown manhattan. (you may as well gag over the fact that you'll be wearing a swimsuit on t.v in comfort right?) when we got there i met three other fabulous women who i modled on air with - and even caught a glimpse of trechelle from the real world las vegas who was there to promote the second coming of the show. so here are a few pics of the day below. the swimsuit, bag and flip flops are all from lands end. (yeah. that's what i was thinking too. but they actually look good!)

damn i'm happy. you can tell this is my first time on t.v. (actually it's my fourth, but whose counting!?)

me and the other fabulous models, freezing on the corner of 42 and like 11th ave, but channeling and projecting sunny thoughts. why am i acting like this is still a solo pic? african girls can be sooo caught up in themselves sometimes, huh?

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