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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


apple ceo, steve jobs, with the phone that launched a thousand lines.....(

at least 200,000 people (including new h+m guest designer, roberto cavali) did. that's the guestimate analysts are providing for FIRST DAY sales of the apple iphone. apple kept it's us stores (all 164 of them) open till midnight to sell 4gb, which retails for $499, and 8gb, which retails for $599, versions of the phone. i can't even imagine how much money the brand has made with this. but want to know who really made off like a bandit?att! the telephone carrier, signed an exclusive deal with apple, making them the only phone service in the u.s and which can carry the iphone. so everyone who buys the phone, has to also get an att plan in order to operate it.

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