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Thursday, August 02, 2007


in response to yesterday's "rundown" on designer, giorgio armani, "anonymous" writes:

"Interesting site here - it has more written content than the usual fashion blog, which I find refreshing. Btw, the amazing shot of Armani was a one-in-a-million chance taken by the writer/photographer at the site you linked to. Armani was on the street and the guy asked for a photo - what luck, huh?"

o to which i say:

THANK YOU! i am so glad that you "get" what the blayreport is all about: pretty - fashionable - news. as a fashion writer, i love to look at clothes, see what new products are on the market, and discover new designers. but above all, i love to write about fashion (much to the disappointment of my ma and pa.) and btw, thanks for that tidbit on the sartorialist and mr. armani. fab. think that could happen with me and marc jacobs!? i would ask for a bag, not a photo though.

1 comment:

AAWesome said...

You are seriously a riot and focused...."ask for a bag, not a photo though." I hear that hot ish!

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